Solutions to the problems outlined on these pages include:

  • leadership: positive words about active travel are backed up with action, and direction given to officers
  • training for officers in LTN 1/20 and other aspects of active travel
  • management of current active travel projects to timetables – they need to be delivered
  • future delivery of active travel schemes by a dedicated team focused on them
  • funding for active travel from NYCC’s transport budget
  • change in policy on timing of traffic lights/crossings
  • revolution in the approach to housing development, including application of the principle in NPPF that active travel should be the first priority
  • NYCC to tackle problem junctions urgently
  • finalise H&K LCWIP, then ensure it is embedded in the LTP and planning system, and start delivering projects
  • genuine effort to comply with Network Management Duty, including new School Streets, 20mph limits and zones, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, and whole route approaches

1) Introduction

This is the home page of the Active Travel England section, which contains the Introduction and links to all other pages in the section.

2) Attitude of the Highways Authority

Notes on the attitude of the highways authority, North Yorkshire County Council, and the way they approach active travel.

3) Cycle Infrastructure Design

The impact of LTN 1/20 Cycle Infrastructure Design in Harrogate, and the way it is applied (or not) by NYCC officers.

4) Housing Development

The active travel disaster zone that is recent and ongoing housing development in Harrogate District.

5) Projects

A brief overview of some current projects in Harrogate District, including Otley Road Cycleway and Station Gateway.

6) Junctions

This section highlights the issues which have not been addressed at four important junctions.


An analysis of the Harrogate & Knaresborough LCWIP, how (if) it is being used in practice to inform bids for fuding, and the work we are doing to try to make it more comprehensive.

8) Network Management Duty, School Streets, and 20mph

While other local authorities are forging ahead, there are no School Streets in Harrogate District. Insufficient progress is being made on the other actions to promote active travel set out in Network Management Duty guidance.

9) Congestion Survey

The 2019 Congestion Survey and the mandate it gave NYCC to pursue an active travel agenda. This section also includes a brief look at TfN's Decarbonisation Strategy, the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission's Climate Action Plan, and the York and N Yorkshire Emissions Reduction Pathways.

10) Solutions

Solutions to the problems with NYCC's active travel programme.