Both local authorities have a councillor who has taken on the role of Walking & Cycling Champion. The Champions are Phil Ireland at Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) and Don Mackenzie at North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC).

Councillor Phil Ireland (HBC)

Councillor Phil Ireland
HBC Walking & Cycling Champion Phil Ireland

HBC Walking and Cycling Champion Phil Ireland on how he sees the role of Walking & Cycling Champion, and his vision, plans, and ambitions for the future:

‘There are many benefits associated with cycling.

Cycling reduces congestion and contributes to improved air quality.

Sustainable transport is receiving more focus and funding by Local Authorities.

Society is becoming more environmentally conscious and where possible, people are getting on their bikes, reducing their carbon footprint and improving their general health and well-being while also keeping their bank balance healthy.’

See HBC’s website for Phil Ireland’s contact details.

Councillor Don Mackenzie (NYCC)

We would like to include a photo, and a few words from Councillor Mackenzie about how he sees the role of Walking and Cycling Champion in the county, and his vision, plans, and ambitions for the future.

See NYCC’s website for Don Mackenzie’s contact details.