Welcome to Harrogate District Cycle Action, keeping cyclists moving in Harrogate District.

About Harrogate District Cycle Action

Bikes at Cambridge Crescent, Harrogate

Harrogate District Cycle Action is an Association dedicated to encouraging cycling as a healthy, safe and enjoyable activity for all ages, and as a mode of transport.

Our key objective is to campaign for a network of safe cycleways in Harrogate District. We’re committed to engaging with local people on priorities for improvements to the existing cycle network and on new routes, as set out in our manifesto.

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To make the case for better cycle routes in Harrogate District, we need you! We believe that the best ideas will come from the community; and they are much more likely to happen if they have strong local backing. Become a supporter and you’ll:

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Spring 2022 Newsletter

Our latest Newsletter came out on 3rd May 2022. Read it here.

Harrogate Cycle Infrastructure Plan Zones

Harrogate Cycle Infrastructure Plan Zones
Harrogate Cycle Infrastructure Plan Zones

A comprehensive survey of Harrogate’s cycle network, by zones, with suggestions for bringing it up to a good standard. The zone plans are available to Supporters – just request the password(s) for the zone(s) that interest you.

See the Harrogate Cycle Infrastructure Plan Zones.

Beech Grove LTN

Beech Grove modal filter
Modal filter on Beech Grove

A modal filter has been put in place on Beech Grove for an 18-month trial, with a view to it being made permanent. It creates a great bike route into town, as well as providing a safe space for scooting and walking, and transforming the street for residents and people enjoying the Stray.

Read more about Beech Grove LTN.

Cycle Infrastructure Design

Birmingham A38 Blue Cycle Route
Birmingham A38 Blue Cycle Route

New Cycle Infrastructure Design guidance has been published as LTN 1/20. It is a truly excellent document, bringing together best practice from the UK and around the world. If – if – it is followed, it will result in superb cycle infrastructure.

Read HDCA’s (long) summary of Cycle Infrastructure Design, and find a link to the full document.


Segregated cycleway in Bradford

We’ve set out some of our priorities for new routes and improvments to existing routes. They will evolve over time as some projects are completed, and others identified.

Please read the priorities, and if you think we’ve overlooked an important improvement, let us know.

Read about priorities.

Local areas

Cycle route signs on Slingsby Walk

This is a key focus of the website, where we are looking to gather views on routes from the local people who use them. It’s a chance to share your local knowledge and help improve the cycle network for everyone.

We’ve divided the District by wards, and each ward has (or will have) its own page, with a brief description of the main cycle routes, and an invitation to make your comments.

Find your local Harrogate area or Knaresborough area.


We’ve set up a forum so supporters can ask or answer questions, and discuss topics. The more discussions, the better!

Go to the forum.