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About Harrogate District Cycle Action

Bikes at Cambridge Crescent, Harrogate

Harrogate District Cycle Action is an Association dedicated to encouraging cycling as a healthy, safe and enjoyable activity for all ages, and as a mode of transport.

Our key objective is to campaign for a network of safe cycleways in Harrogate District. We’re committed to engaging with local people on priorities for improvements to the existing cycle network and on new routes, as set out in our manifesto.

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Holding North Yorkshire to Account 2024

North Yorkshire Council (NYC) has been making promises of action on active travel for at least a decade now, while achieving nothing. The last meaningful improvement to Harrogate’s cycle network was the Yorkshire Showground Greenway in 2014.

We are looking for on-the-ground improvements, not meetings, reports and consultations that lead nowhere.

The table below sets out the promises made on the major projects at the start of 2023. As there was no meaningful progress in 2023, we have left the same baseline for 2024.

ProjectPromised Action (Start of 2023)Results Achieved
Nidderdale Greenway crossing of Bilton LaneConstruction by March 2023Fail. No construction work started in the year to the end of March 2023. Still no work started late December 2023.
Otley Road CyclewayConsultation results January 2023
Work to be done by April 2023
Fail. Project (Phase 2) abandoned Feb 2023.
Beech GroveReport to BES Executive January 2023
Scheme to be delivered in Summer 2023
Fail. Project abandoned Feb 2023. Replaced with vague promises from Cllr Duncan of an unspecified new scheme at an unspecified future date.
Harrogate Station GatewayConsultation results to be published (January 2023?)
H&K Area Committee to consider the scheme (5th May 2023)
Construction to start “late 2023”
Consultation results published 13th January 2023.
Approved by Area Committee 5th May 2023 and by Executive 30th May 2023.
Decision to proceed quashed by Executive 22nd August 2023. Revised design stripped of cycle infrastructure and focused on motor vehicles floated by NYC.
Oatlands Drive (ATF2)Report with options in “the New Year” 2023Fail. Report finally published December 2023. No ‘next steps’ announced.
Victoria Avenue (ATF2)3rd consultation to start in “the New Year” 2023Fail. December 2023: no consultation scheduled; no progress made all year. ATF4 bid for further funding failed.
A59 Knaresborough Road (ATF2)3rd consultation to start in “the New Year” 2023December 2023: no consultation scheduled; no progress made all year. ATF4 bid for further funding failed
Wetherby Road CrossingFeasibility study to be written
Construction in 2023/4 (i.e. by March 2024)
No progress all year. Consultation and Stray land consultation have not been scheduled. 31st March 2024 construction deadline now certain to be missed.
Harrogate LCWIP to be ‘refreshed’Draft was to be available by mid-Dec 2022 (missed)
To BES Executive January/February 2023
Fail. December 2023: no news of any progress.
Ripon LCWIPTo be approved in Spring 2023Fail. December 2023: no news of any progress.
NYC Promises vs Results 2023

This is a Review of 2023: Another Year of Failure on Cycling by North Yorkshire Council.

We will continue to track progress against promises in 2024, and update the table accordingly.

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Spring 2024 Newsletter

Our latest Newsletter came out on 29th April 2024. Read it here.

Harrogate Cycle Infrastructure Plan Zones

Harrogate Cycle Infrastructure Plan Zones
Harrogate Cycle Infrastructure Plan Zones

A comprehensive survey of Harrogate’s cycle network, by zones, with suggestions for bringing it up to a good standard. Supporters with local knowledge can leave comments on the zone plan pages, with suggestions for any routes or interventions that we may have overlooked.

For locations in Harrogate, this is the best place to leave your suggestions.

See the Harrogate Cycle Infrastructure Plan Zones.

North Yorkshire Abandons Otley Road and Beech Grove Schemes Despite Majority Support

Beech Grove modal filter
Modal filter on Beech Grove

North Yorkshire County Council decided to abandon its active travel schemes on Otley Road and Beech Grove despite majority support for them in the most recent consultation.

This shows a jaw-dropping lack of commitment by the council to its own active travel schemes, and leaves plans for a joined-up cycle network in tatters.

Read more about North Yorkshire Abandons Otley Road and Beech Grove Schemes Despite Majority Support.

Cricket Ground Quietway

Cricket Ground Quietway, Harrogate
Cricket Ground Quietway, Harrogate

A suggestion for a Quietway route to town from south west Harrogate, with physical infrastructure, signing and branding, and marketing of the route needed.

Read about the Cricket Ground Quietway.

Cycle Infrastructure Design

Birmingham A38 Blue Cycle Route
Birmingham A38 Blue Cycle Route

New Cycle Infrastructure Design guidance has been published as LTN 1/20. It is a truly excellent document, bringing together best practice from the UK and around the world. If – if – it is followed, it will result in superb cycle infrastructure.

Read HDCA’s (long) summary of Cycle Infrastructure Design, and find a link to the full document.


Segregated cycleway in Bradford

We’ve set out some of our priorities for new routes and improvments to existing routes. Theoretically they should evolve over time as some projects are completed, and others identified. In practice, the council is achieving nothing so they are largely static.

Please read the priorities, and if you think we’ve overlooked an important improvement, let us know in the comments.

Read about priorities.