This is Harrogate District Cycle Action’s manifesto (PDF). There’s also a summary on this web page, below.

Harrogate District Cycle Action has agreed the following Aim, Objectives and Actions.

Our aim

Our aim is the encouragement of cycling as a healthy, safe and enjoyable activity for all ages and as an alternative mode of transport.

Our objectives

  1. To engage with the local public to identify cyclists’ needs and priorities
  2. To work with all Agencies for the provision of better facilities for cyclists, to enable local journeys to school, work, and to the shops to be possible by bike; the benchmark level of safety is that routes should be suitable for a 12-year-old child
  3. To work with all Agencies to create safe cycling links to the National Cycle Network
  4. To work with all organisations interested in promoting cycling and the well-being of cyclists
  5. To be the voice of current and potential cyclists to the local authorities and other public agencies on cycling-related issues in Harrogate District


The Actions we’ve agreed include public engagement using this website as well as social media; consultation with the public to identify their priorities for cycling within the District; and once a prioritised list of projects is drawn up, to develop an Engagement Strategy to take forward those priorities with relevant Agencies.

Actions also inclue promoting the extension of the Nidderdale Greenway, and the extension of the NCN67 Harrogate – Spofforth route, to link Harrogate to the south.

Read the full Aim, Objectives, and Actions in our manifesto.