Harrogate Cycle Infrastructure Plan Zones
Harrogate Cycle Infrastructure Plan Zones

From September 2021 we worked with North Yorkshire Council’s Senior Transport Planner on Quick Wins – small improvements that could make a difference to Harrogate’s cycle network.

This was part of our Harrogate cycle network zone plan work.

The list of Quick Wins was finalised and agreed in October 2022, but it has taken until October 2023 for North Yorkshire Council’s Area Highways team to look at them. This challenges the definition of ‘quick win’.

Definition of a Quick Win

Our suggested definition of a Quick Win is an item that:

  • can be implemented in less than 6 months and
  • costs less than £75,000

The Quick Wins

This is the final list of Quick Wins identified and agreed between HDCA and NYC.

They are organised by zones of our Cycle Infrastructure Plan. A zone-by-zone summary follows.

Zone 1

StreetAction Needed
Park AvenueRestrict parking to west side
Sign as Quietway to town
Modal filter close to junction with Philippa’s Drive
Arthur’s AvenueSchool Street
Modal filter at junction with Rossett Drive
Zone 1 Quick Wins

Zone 2

StreetAction Needed
Leadhall DriveWiden Leadhall Drive to Norfolk Road alley and open to cycling
Daleside AvenueOpen Daleside Avenue to Leeds Road alley to cycling
Firs CrescentModal filter south of junction with Mallinson Oval
Rossett DriveRemove Parsons Intake barrier (complete 2022)
Green LaneParallel crossing where Rossett bridleway meets Green Lane
Prohibit parking along whole length
Leadhall LaneSign route from Leadhall Lane to Green Lane via Leadhall Road and Green Way
Modal filter on the Leadhall Road/Green Way route
Zone 2 Quick Wins

Zone 3

StreetAction Needed
Thirkill DriveModal filter near Dunlopillo building
Church LaneCyclist passing distance signs
A61 West ParkSecure cycle parking in town centre
A 61 St George’s Road roundaboutCycle parking outside shops
Bollards to prevent car parking on pavement
Zone 3 Quick Wins

Zone 4

StreetAction Needed
Rayleigh Road/Hamilton Avenue/Warwick Crescent20mph as per North Yorkshire’s LCWIP
Hookstone RoadCromwell Road School Street
Stray ReinModal filter near Slingsby Walk as per N Yorkshire’s LCWIP
South Drive20mph
St James’s Drive20mph
Slingsby WalkCorrect misaligned dropped kerbs at Oatlands Drive
Zone 4 Quick Wins

Zone 5

StreetAction Needed
Otley Road near Cold Bath Road junctionRemove inappropriate END OF ROUTE sign
Zone 5 Quick Wins

Zone 6

StreetAction Needed
Dragon RoadBetter signage of Dragon cycle track to the footbridge over the railway/Nidderdale Greenway
Regent ParadePermit contraflow cycling so that there is a coherent cycle route from Dragon Road via Mornington Crescent > Regent Parade > Park Parade to York Place
Park ParadePermit contraflow cycling on the south section of Park Parade. Remodel the Park Parade/N Park Road junction so cyclists can continue south on Park Parade
Zone 6 Quick Wins

Zone 7

StreetAction Needed
Fulwith Mill LaneSealed surface on bridleway from Fulwith Mill Lane to Hornbeam Park, and past Oatlands Junior School
Hookstone Wood RoadCycle street branding, 20mph, traffic calming and resurface
Crimple LaneResurface
Almsford Avenue/Beech Road/Beech Avenue/Hookstone AvenueModal filters to prevent use as a through route
Old Leeds & Thirsk Railway Spofforth to WetherbySealed surface
Zone 7 Quick Wins

Zone 8

Zone 9

Zone 10

StreetAction Needed
Prospect Road/Plumpton ParkCycle signs from Hookstone Chase through Morrisons car park via Prospect Road to Knaresborough Road
Greenfields RoadCycle signs from Hookstone Chase via Greenfields Road to Knaresborough Road
Woodlands Walk/Woodlands CrescentImprove 20mph signage
Woodlands DriveCycle contraflow signage needed
Wider improvements needed to the traffic lights (out of scope of Quick Wins)
Stonefall Avenue20mph
No overtaking cyclists signs
Modal filter
Cycle parking at Fairfax shops
Willaston RoadParallel crossings of Knaresborough Road and Wetherby Road
Zone 10 Quick Wins

Zone 11

StreetAction Needed
Forest AvenueModal filter
Parking restrictions
A59 near Empress roundaboutParallel crossing of A59 at Granby Road/Willaston Road junction (as per Zone 10 above)
Zone 11

Zone 12

StreetAction Needed
Kingsley RoadRestrict parking to one side
Traffic calming
Close bridge over railway to motor vehicles
Bogs LaneRe-work the chicane to provide a safe cycle bypass
The Avenue20mph and cycle street branding
Sign the old railway route from the High Street
Starbeck railway pathRepair needed between Starbeck and Bilton where tree roots damaging surface
Zone 12 Quick Wins

Zone 13

StreetAction Needed
Kingsley DriveOne way and contra-flow cycling
Double yellow lines on N side
Rydal RoadPossible modal filter
20mph and traffic calming
Birstwith Road/Lynton Gardens/Leyland RoadPossible modal filters
20mph and traffic calming
Silverfields RoadModal filter
Claro Road20mph and traffic calming
Zone 13 Quick Wins

Zone 14

StreetAction Needed
Skipton Road, Harewood Road to Crowberry DriveParallel crossings of side roads
Electric Avenue/Stonebeck AvenueCycle street branding
Crowberry Drive20mph and traffic calming as per WSP design
Jennyfield DriveParallel crossings of side roads
Zone 14 Quick Wins

Zone 15

StreetAction Needed
Woodfield Road20mph
Cycle parking at the shops
Zone 15 Quick Wins

Zone 16

StreetAction Needed
Bilton LaneRaised platform crossing for Nidderdale Greenway
Advanced Stop Zone for cyclists with early release
King Edward’s DriveLTN to restrict through traffic around shops
Cycle parking at the shops
Crab LaneCycle parking next to One Stop shop
Woodfield Park cycle pathCycle priority crossing at Poplar Grove
Cycle parking at the park
Zone 16 Quick Wins

Zone 17

Street Action Needed
Skipton Road, Bilton Lane to Roberts CrescentReplace pelican from King Edward’s Drive to Roberts Crescent with a Toucan
Skipton Road, Roberts Crescent to Quarry LaneCycle parking at the shops at the W end of Roberts Crescent
Light-controlled or parallel crossing at Quarry Lane
Roberts CrescentModal filter to remove through traffic
Quarry LanePossible designation as cycle route between Ripon Road & Skipton Road
Zone 17 Quick Wins

Zone 18

StreetAction Needed
Cold Bath RoadRelocation of cycle stands so they don’t block footway (completed)
Queen’s RoadEnlarge pedestrian island at junction with Lancaster Road
Beech GroveReinstate planters/modal filter
One way plug at Victoria Road/Otley Road junction
Zone 18 Quick Wins

Zone 19

StreetAction Needed
Valley GardensCycle parking
Swan RoadModal filter immediately S of York Road junction
Clarence DriveSchool Street
upgrade crossing outside school to a zebra
Oakdale/Oakdale GlenImprove signage of cycle route
Sign alternative route avoiding steep gradient
Duchy Road20mph
Replace refuge outside Brackenfield School with a zebra
Zone 19 Quick Wins

Zone 20

StreetAction Needed
Harlow Moor Road (Otley Road to Harlow Moor Drive)Parallel crossing across side roads and where cycle path changes sides
Harlow Moor Road (Harlow Moor Drive to Cornwall RoadRemove END OF ROUTE signs at Cornwall Road and replace with correct CYCLISTS REJOIN CARRIAGEWAY signs
Upgrade path through Valley Gardens to a sealed surface
Sussex AvenueImprove build-outs with cycle bypasses – flimsy plastic bollards need replacing, and prevent cycle bypasses being blocked by parked cars
Add parking restrictions on N side of Sussex Avenue
Pennypot Lane to King Edwin ParkAdd cycle phase/early release to traffic lights over the bridge
Killinghall Moor cycle routesThe cycle routes from Queen Ethelburga’s Park & Youngs Drive to Barberry Close/Saltergate Drive should be upgraded to sealed surface with adequate width
When built, the cycle path fro King Edwin Park to Jennyfield should have a sealed surface and adequate width
Zone 20 Quick Wins

Zone 21

StreetAction Needed
Kings RoadCycle parking at the shops
Coppice AvenueTrim back trees from cycle route signage
Hampsthwaite Road20mph
Coppice Gate20mph
Luchon WayRelocate cycle signage to make it more visible
Studley Road to the railway bridge20mph
Zone 21 Quick Wins

Zone 22

Zone 23

Street Action Needed
York Place/Park ParadeAllow contraflow cycling on Park Parade
South Park RoadModal filter at junction with York Place
Zone 23 Quick Wins

Zone 24

StreetAction Needed
Station ParadeQuality covered secure cycle parking
East ParadeCycle parking by station entrance – suggest inside Victoria car park
Zone 24 Quick Wins

Response from Area Highways Team

The Area Highways team would be responsible for achieving these Quick Wins. They commented on the list on 31st October 2023.

Their responses can be categorised as follows:

  • things they are doing anyway, notably as part of a proposed 20mph zone using West Harrogate Sustainable Transport money
  • improvements could be part of West Harrogate Urban Expansion, i.e. delayed indefinitely
  • point-blank refusal, e.g, one School Street pilot ongoing, ‘no further School Streets will be introduced at this time’
  • point-blank refusal, e.g. ‘we are not considering modal filters at this time’
  • putting off to an unspecified future date

Putting off to an unspecified future date is the most common response to any request to the Area Highways team. This is an example of how it is done.

‘Can be reviewed when resources allow, implementation subject to sourcing funding’.

Example of an area highways team response to quick win list

3 thoughts on “Quick Wins

  • 15 November 2023 at 11:35 pm

    Zone 2. Open the cricket club gates on Norfolk Road to pedestrians – this will stop the kids impaling themselves when climbing over them.

    Zone 3. Footbridge across Crimple Beck to Crimple Hall and / or Pannal Sports football ground.
    Or footpath through to the Pannal Sports ground from the end of either Hillside Road or Milton Road.

    Zone 4. This applies to many pelican crossings, but the one at the end of the driveway to Wedderburn House seems to be the most commented on – Adjust the timing so that the lights change immediately the button is pressed. There is no advantage to anyone for the current long delay.

    Zone 7. Open footpath along the old railway, as proposed by Rudding Estate to create circular walk under the railway viaduct from bottom of Fullwith Mill lane. Extend across the currently disused viaduct towards Fodder (although that may not count as quick!)

  • 16 November 2023 at 8:35 am

    From Mary Murata: Quick win idea: Lighting on the Greenway between the Iron Bridge and Dene Park. When I am cycling home to Bilton from the station along the path that follows the railway, once I cross the iron bridge onto the Greenway, at night it is PITCH BLACK at the back of Dene Park. There is no lighting so I am forced to use Skipton Road as an alternative route. A small amount of lighting would join the well lit side of the railway (Park Grove area) and Dene Park which is also lit and make a safe cycling/ walking route to Bilton/ Woodfield area from town after dark.

  • 16 November 2023 at 8:36 am

    From Mary Murata: Quick win: resurface Woodfield Road – especially the section between Skipton Rd and Woodfield School – too many pot holes to make for safe cycling, especially after dark when the trees obscure the street lights.

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