"Cycle infrastructure" at Trinity Fields
“Cycle infrastructure” at Trinity Fields

North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC)’s bid for money from the Active Travel Fund Tranche 3 (ATF3) has failed. This is the DfT’s list of final allocations.

NYCC’s bid included £550,000 for wider pavements, crossings and traffic-calming in Ripon. It wasn’t clear that the plan complied with the LTN 1/20 Cycle Infrastructure Design guidance, and it didn’t appear to include any dedicated cycle infrastructure.

Reasons for the Failure of the Bid

Cycling UK points out that councils with bold and ambitious plans won funding, and other authorities did not.

The Cycling UK article further says that some councils are refusing to comply with government guidance to reallocate road space to active travel and to reduce speed limits. Other than Station Gateway and Beech Grove, NYCC is not reallocating road space to active travel, and it has a very negative attitude to lower speed limits.

Councils with a negative attitude to active travel are unlikely to win funding. In the longer term they may also have their wider transport budgets cut.

Some councils did make successful bids, including those with large rural areas, for example:

  • Cumbria £4.5 million
  • Gloucestershire £14.2 million


We think that council bids for the next round of funding (ATF4) will have to be submitted by August 2022.

North Yorkshire’s ATF3 Bid Fails

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