Vote Bike, by Tim Green, Licence CC BY 2.0
Vote Bike, by Tim Green, Licence CC BY 2.0

Local elections for North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) took place on 5th May 2022.

Ninety Councillors were elected in total. They will serve on the current NYCC for nearly a year, then from 1st April 2023 lower-tier councils including Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) will cease to exist, and the Councillors will represent the new NYCC unitary council.

There could also be a devolution deal for North Yorkshire and the City of York, with funding and an elected Mayor.

Election Results in Harrogate District

The Lib Dems did well in Harrogate District, winning ten seats to the Conservatives’ nine, with one Green.

These are the Harrogate results.

Elections Results in North Yorkshire as a Whole

NYCC Election Results May 2022
NYCC Election Results May 2022

In North Yorkshire as a whole, the Conservatives’ vote share was down 20% compared with the last election in 2017, but they won 47 of the 90 council seats, giving them a narrow majority.

Cabinet Member for Transport

Until 5th May 2022, Don Mackenzie was the Councillor with responsibility for transport (called Executive Member for Access).

He did not stand for re-election, so a new Councillor will now be appointed to that role. This is the most important position on the council so far as cycling is concerned.

Active Travel Champions

We have two Active Travel Champions – one Councillor from HBC and one from NYCC.

Councillor Phil Ireland will remain HBC Active Travel Champion until HBC ceases to exist on 31st March 2023.

The previous NYCC Active Travel Champion was Don Mackenzie, but as he is no longer a Councillor, presumably he will now be replaced. We believe it is essential that the Active Travel Champion actually uses a bike to get around town, and therefore understands the issues.

North Yorkshire County Council Election Results

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