County Hall, Northallerton
County Hall, Northallerton

North Yorkshire made a bid for money from the Active Travel Fund 2021 (also known as Active Travel Fund 3, because it is the third tranche of money released). I reported on the bid in July this year.

Their bid document has now been published.

Long-Term Commitment to Active Travel and Consultation with Communities

The bid document had to be accompanied by a letter from the leader of the local authority confirming long-term commitment to delivery of active travel schemes.

North Yorkshire also had to confirm that schemes had been developed in consultation with local communities.

Ripon West Sustainable Travel Corridors

The scheme in ATF T3 in Harrogate District is called Ripon West Sustainable Travel Corridors, and is centred on Kirby Road. North Yorkshire are asking for £550,000.

In the bid document, North Yorkshire say they intend to reduce design speeds on the roads to encourage trips by active modes. Measures specified include:

  • a one-way system for vehicles at Kirby Road, College Road, and Trinity Lane
  • traffic-calming measures
  • footway-widening
  • 5 crossing facilities

The bid does not appear to include any new cycle facilities.

Does the Scheme Comply with LTN 1/20?

The DfT’s form specifically asks whether any aspects of the scheme do not comply with Cycle Infrastructure Design guidance in LTN 1/20.

North Yorkshire’s answer is:

‘The schemes will be LTN 1/20 compliant providing a zone where highways have a design speed of 20mph or less. This will create an environment where movement is subservient to place and residents feel safe and encouraged to walk & cycle for short journeys.’

north yorkshire bid document

North Yorkshire are proposing cycling in mixed traffic. To be LTN 1/20 compliant, this would need a traffic volume lower than 2,500 vehicles per day.

Para 7.1.1 LTN 1/20
Para 7.1.1 LTN 1/20

There is a reference in paragraph 41 of the bid document to facilities for cyclists and ‘off-road routes’, but there are no details.


Delivery of the ATF 2 schemes at Victoria Avenue and A59 Knaresborough Road had been expected to start in November this year, but has now been put back to February or March 2022.

North Yorkshire Active Travel Fund 3 Bid Update
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