Cycle path, A61 roundabout, Spacey Houses
Strange cycle path at A61 roundabout, Dunlopillo housing development

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Routes in Pannal ward

Routes to comment on in Pannal ward include:

  • the arrangements at the new A61 roundabout at the entrance to the Bellway housing development on the old Dunlopillo site – shared use footpaths that don’t go anywhere
  • a planned new cycle route from the housing development on the old Dunlopillo site alongside the A61, or by the river Crimple, to Almsford Bank
  • Green Lane
  • (in conjunction with Oatlands ward) Leadhall Lane

2 thoughts on “Pannal

  • 24 February 2020 at 8:23 am

    Leadhall Lane and Green Lane are very busy traffic routes making it very intimidating for cyclists. Traffic (including buses) is often travelling at 40mph within inches of pedestrians. The routes are heavily used eastbound for access towards several schools the other side of Leeds Road and westbound to Rossett School and Ashville School so there is a large potential for cycling journeys if safe segregated cycle lanes were in place. Parked cars along Green Lane from the schools make using the road tricky for motorists as the space left is very narrow so it is highly intimidating for cyclists. Parking restrictions should be considered along Green Lane to encourage people to use alternative means of travel. A scheme that has proven very successful elsewhere is to prohibit traffic along school roads like Green Lane at peak time (except buses?) to encourage alternatives without the need for permanent cycle infrastructure. Green Lane is very quiet outside of school run times and so may be a good candidate for that type of scheme.

  • 1 August 2021 at 10:39 am

    Might be a daft idea, but could the cycle route follow the old line along Railway Road, over the disused viaduct, then along the line down Crimple Valley to Pannal?

    It would require a designated crossing point over the A61. But, if the cycleway went around the Mercedes centre, crossed the A61, it could link with the Pannal Sports community park?

    That links you to Sainsbury’s, Hookstone Woods and then into town along the Stray.

    Wishful thinking, but might be a nice cycle!


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