Yorkshire Showground Greenway
Yorkshire Showground Greenway

This page is for ideas about Oatlands ward. Comments are open to supporters who are logged in. Find Harrogate Oatlands ward on the map of Harrogate District wards.

Routes in Oatlands ward

Routes to comment on in Oatlands ward would include:

  • the A61 (in conjunction with Pannal ward)
  • Leadhall Lane
  • the A61 towards the town centre
  • the Crimple Valley brideways, and the future use of the dismantled railway as a greenway linking to the Yorkshire Showground/Railway Road
  • the bridleway route to Hornbeam Park
  • Hornbeam Park Avenue & the Yorkshire Showground Greenway
  • Hookstone Road (key for Oatlands Infant School, Harrogate College, and even St John Fisher and St Aidan’s)

8 thoughts on “Oatlands

  • 24 February 2020 at 8:12 am

    Hookstone Road, Hookstone Drive need proper segregated cycle lanes as the current white lines on road are not fit for purpose and are non-existent at the most dangerous points. Car parking could be removed on one side of the road to make some room for a 2 way segregated lane to one side. This is a key route to 4 schools (St Aidans, St John Fisher, Oatlands Juniors, Oatlands Infants) and Hornbeam Park and so could see high levels of usage if a safe solution was put in place.

  • 25 February 2020 at 3:52 pm

    I agree, stop making cycling to school difficult and dangerous. Of course, schools want to encourage physical and mental fitness, but whilst they have concerns about road safety. they may find it difficult to encourage cycling by providing lock-ups in covered areas.

  • 26 February 2020 at 7:44 pm

    Footpath at end of Norfolk Road which links to Leadhall Drive:
    Remove No Cycling Sign.
    Widen footpath at both sides to create better shared use space.
    Benefits: creates quietway route through Norfolk Road to Leadhall Drive and on to St. George’s and Rossett path.
    Natural route from Tewit Well Road and there is a reservation to cross Leeds Road. Tewit Well links to Stray Rein Paths and to Hornbeam Park and Showground.

  • 26 February 2020 at 7:46 pm

    Mallinsons/Daleside/Stone Rings:
    Close it off as a rat run.
    Initially might increase traffic on Leadhall Lane and Leeds Road, but ultimately discourage people using their cars for short journeys.
    Benefits: improved air quality/noise for local residents. Make street safer for children to walk and cycle. Encourage more people to walk.

  • 28 February 2020 at 11:20 am


    My big issue is the link between Stonefall Park and Railway Road, which crossed Wetherby Road at the Sainsbury’s entrance.

    There’s a few reasons for this:
    a) there’s no designated crossing point at the traffic lights to stop traffic and you kind of have to know how the traffic flow works there to understand it (you have to know the car traffic lights and the ordering);

    b) you have to navigate the incoming and outgoing traffic for the recycling centre, and there’s no cycle path available for you to do that and a couple of blind corners for cars – it’s a busy junction on a weekend with cars queued too;

    c) when you’re approaching the Wetherby Road junction along Railway Road, you have to cross both lanes of traffic, including the oncoming traffic, in order to safely cross the junction, or dismount onto the pedestrian path at the junction itself where there is no room to do so (which is dangerous and creates a hazard).

    Improvements required!

    I’d be happy to write this one up with a few photos for a full article on the issue if that would help. Let me know.

    Chris P.

  • 8 May 2020 at 3:29 pm

    Gia suggests: the layby by Oatlands Recreation ground should have time-limited parking so it is not used for all-day parking by those taking the train from Hornbeam Park.

  • 24 May 2020 at 1:09 pm

    Hornbeam Park Avenue is a main cycle route, as it leads to the Yorkshire Showground Greenway, but I’ve lost count of the number of dangerous close passes I’ve experienced there.

    It’s difficult to see how protected cycle infrastructure could be installed, so my suggestion would be signage asking drivers to leave at least 1.5m when overtaking, and engaging with businesses on Hornbeam Park and asking them to make sure their employees know to overtake considerately.

  • 27 May 2020 at 10:49 am

    I would love to see Oatland’s Drive made into a one way street for cars with a single carriageway. This could provide space for a decent cycleway for students and teachers going to the two schools nearby as well as for people cycling to use the Stray

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