Beech Grove Option 2
Beech Grove Option 2

We previously complained about North Yorkshire County Council’s removal of the Beech Grove and Lancaster Road modal filters without any evidence or consultation, in breach of their Network Management Duty.

They have now started a consultation on active travel measures on Beech Grove.

Option 1 is the return of the modal filters, together with making Victoria Road entry-only at its junction with Otley Road to deter rat-running.

Unfortunately Option 2 is of zero active travel benefit. Beech Grove would be made one way. Away from town, you would cycle on the road with traffic, as now, and heading towards town there would be a narrow, painted contraflow cycle lane.

Our further Beech Grove complaint is that Option 2 ignores all the guidance in LTN 1/20 Cycle Infrastructure Design and would provide zero active travel benefit. We therefore ask NYCC to withdraw it immediately.

Further Beech Grove Complaint

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