WSP's Harrogate Cycle Infrastructure Plan map
WSP’s Harrogate Cycle Infrastructure Plan map

After missing out on half the indicative amount for North Yorkshire in Tranche 1 of the DfT’s Emergency Active Travel Fund, North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) has agreed to consult community groups over its Tranche 2 bid.

In an article on NYCC’s website yesterday, 8th July 2020, the council said it is considering 35 requests from across the county. Once the schemes have been assessed by officers, details will be shared with interested groups – including, we believe, HDCA.

The article says we’ll be asked to rank the schemes in order of priority, but we hope that the consultation with us will be more detailed and nuanced than that. NYCC says it will be able to share the schemes by the end of this week.

NYCC also say that the 35 requests are in addition to work council officers have been doing to design bid-ready schemes in Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plans.

The Harrogate Cycle Infrastructure Plan is a long, general report by consultants WSP, but is really devoid of any specific schemes or designs. The closest it comes to specifics is a map of Harrogate showing where cycle routes might go (main photo at the top of this post).

There was also a Harrogate Borough Council Cycling Delivery Plan from 2015, and that did contain rather more specific schemes.

Four ambitious schemes

Whether they are in the plans or not, the NYCC article says that council engineers have been working on four ambitious schemes since May. We’re pleased to say we were given some details a few days ago.

The schemes are:

  1. Oatlands Drive
  2. Beech Grove
  3. Victoria Avenue
  4. A59 between High Bridge & Harrogate Golf Club (Starbeck)

They are all intended to be high-quality cycle routes, with walking improvements too.

NYCC agrees to consult over Tranche 2

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