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    This is just an example of a new topic in the forum. I might be asking, I’ve heard that we’re supposed to be getting a cycleway on Otley Road, but I don’t see anything happening. Does anyone know?

    Alex Minett

    Fingers crossed for May 2020. Don Mackenzie tweeted on the 19/02/2020 that “We start any day now on Otley Road cycle path…” @Mac1Don


    Thanks for that information, Alex, it sounds promising.

    Scott Mordue

    How is the cycle lane on Otley Road being implemented?
    The trees at the top of Otley Road are being cut down on the downhill side of the road. Are they implementing cycle lanes for both uphill and downhill sides of the road? I think a cycle lane is only really required for the uphill side of the road, but I can only see evidence of a lane on the downhill side.
    Please tell me the cycle lane won’t be designated as supporting both uphill and downhill in one lane?
    Where can we see detailed plans of what is being implemented?


    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your question.

    First and most important, the loss of trees near the junction with Harlow Moor Road is nothing to do with the cycleway. It is because NYCC are creating a right turn lane off Otley Road onto Harlow Moor Road, for vehicles.

    Work on the traffic lane has started first. Last time I looked there was no work yet on the cycleway unfortunately.

    I agree that a bike path is more important uphill than downhill, but there is to be one both sides of Otley Road. That should help less experienced cyclists/children going to school.

    There’s a link to the design on NYCC’s West Harrogate Improvement Package page.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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