There are a number of alleyways in Harrogate District where cycling is prohibited, including on signed cycle routes.

No Cycling, alleyway linking Norfolk Road and Leadhall Drive
No Cycling, alleyway linking Leadhall Drive and Norfolk Road

Often, alleyways provide useful routes that enable people to avoid busy main roads and motor vehicles. In York, instead of banning bikes from alleyways, they put up ‘Cyclists Give Way to Pedestrians’ signs. That’s a good solution in many cases.

Cyclists Give Way to Pedestrians, Alleyway, York
Cyclists Give Way to Pedestrians, Alleyway, York

Making this change in Harrogate could make a small but significant difference to the cycle network.

Cyclists Give Way to Pedestrians
Cyclists Give Way to Pedestrians

The advantage of these signs is that they emphasise that cyclists should be considerate and give way to pedestrians. If they can’t be used, then simple shared use signs would do instead.

The alleyways we suggest would be suitable for considerate cycling are:

  • Leadhall Drive to Norfolk Road
  • Daleside Drive to A61/Fulwith Mill Lane
  • Arthur’s Avenue to the Rossett path
  • Wetherby Road to Wayside Walk
  • Wetherby Road to St Clement’s Road (Charlwood)
  • Dragon Road, over the railway towards Franklin Road
  • Almsford Drive to the Oatlands Bridleway
  • Birchwood Mews to the Oatlands Bridleway (cycling not prohibited here, but a step needs to be replaced with a ramp)
  • Margaret Road to Harlow Terrace

If North Yorkshire aren’t prepared to allow cycling on these alleyways, then they need to provide proper alternatives – protected cycle infrastructure in accordance with LTN 1/20, rather than just expecting people to ride on busy and hostile roads.

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