Zero Carbon Harrogate
Zero Carbon Harrogate

Zero Carbon Harrogate (ZCH) put in a particularly good and comprehensive response to the North Yorkshire Council’s recent Let’s Talk Transport survey.

This is their submission.


In the Introduction, ZCH call for sustainability and carbon reduction to be at the heart of a new integrated Local Transport Plan (LTP).

The council should set ambitious, measurable carbon reduction targets.

Strategic Points

ZCH identify several strategic points, including:

  • prioritising decarbonisation since transport is the biggest emitter in the county
  • setting a clear vision of what net zero carbon travel across the county could look like, so as garner public support for each step
  • be guided by the Sustainable Transport Pyramid
  • a policy framework that meets the transport needs of the county, for example sustainable travel at the planned Western Arc developments
  • a communication strategy to prepare people for the changes needed to decarbonise travel
The Sustainable Travel Pyramid
The Sustainable Travel Pyramid

Suggestions for the LTP

Suggestions include:

  • include digital communications in the LTP, with high-speed broadband roll-out and working from home
  • enabling walking and wheeling through Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, School Streets, place-making, 20mph, and timings of crossings
  • high-quality infrastructure for cycling, cycle parking, cycle links to new developments, last mile deliveries by cargo bike, and bike loan schemes
  • improvements to public and shared transport
  • car clubs
  • reducing speed limits to save carbon
  • putting a position of no support for expansion of existing airports in the LTP
ZCH Let’s Talk Transport Response

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