Station Gateway
Harrogate Station Gateway

HDCA Supporter Jamie has written to his North Yorkshire Councillor, John Mann, asking him to support Harrogate Station Gateway at a council meeting on 5th May 2023.

A Vibrant, Thriving and Accessible Community

Jamie sets out his reasons for supporting Harrogate Station Gateway, from the perspective of a parent and someone who works in retail.

‘My interest in the subject is primarily centred around wanting my children (and their children!) to grown up in a vibrant, thriving and accessible community. I imagine a town full of tourists and residents socialising, relaxing and enjoying life.’

extract from jamie’s letter

Economic Benefits of Cycling and Walking

Jamie quotes from TfL’s Walking & Cycling: the Economic Benefits.

TfL state that people who travel by sustainable means spend 40% more per month than car drivers.

Graphic showing the benefits of walking & cycling infrastructure and public realm improvements
Graphic showing the benefits of walking & cycling infrastructure and public realm improvements

TfL also have evidence that businesses tend to over-estimate the extent to which customers arrive by car, and under-estimate the number who walk, cycle or use public transport.

Canadian Study

Jamie also references a Canadian study that shows that parking is not critical to retail streets. Removing some spaces leads to increased retail vibrancy and retail sales.

Of course as Jamie points out no one is talking about banning cars or parking.

Final Paragraphs

Jamie says that all businesses will benefit from increased footfall in the town centre. ‘Footfall and linger time are key pillars that all retailers should strive for and benefit from.’

‘Finally, when I think about the image Harrogate would like to show the world, the postcards, the Instagram posts, the tourist websites, the hotel websites and the Christmas market pictures…not a single one of those images are focused on cars, parking and roads.’

last paragraph of hdca supporter jamie’s letter
Letter about Harrogate Station Gateway

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