York Cycle Campaign
York Cycle Campaign

York Cycle Campaign recently published their May Newsletter. It’s interesting to learn what our North Yorkshire neighbours are doing.

One interesting piece in the Newsletter links to a report by John Skelton about inclusive and disability cycling. Where barriers, obstacles and restrictions may be annoying for able-bodied cyclists, they can prevent disability cyclists from using a route at all.

Exit from Panhandle Park
Barrier at the exit from Panhandle Park

Another link in the Newsletter is to an update written by York City Council’s Sustainable Transport Manager.

While we work with some excellent officers at North Yorkshire, none of them is exclusively focused on sustainable transport. If you read the update, you find out that there’s more! They have made job offers to:

  • an Active Modes Planner, and
  • a Programme Manager for the Active Travel Fund

There are several constraints, or reasons why building a cycle network is happening so slowly. One of them is funding, but officer time is almost certainly another.

We hope that North Yorkshire will take inspiration from York, and consider employing officers dedicated to active travel.

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