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The Harrogate Advertiser has launched a Sustainable Transport Survey.

The idea is to find out if local people, who have already expressed enthusiasm for sustainable transport in principle, are still positive about the idea now that practical changes have been put forward.

Questions include:

  • Whether major changes should be made to Harrogate’s layout and transport system to cut carbon emissions
  • Whether better cycling and walking infrastructure is needed
  • Whether greater priority should be given to public transport, cycling and walking in the town centre

The survey also notes that the average car journey within Harrogate is less than 1.6 miles, and asks respondents if they personally would be willing to walk or cycle more into Harrogate town centre.

The survey only takes a couple of minutes to complete. The Harrogate Advertiser will report on the results in the next two weeks.

Harrogate Advertiser Sustainable Transport Survey

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