The Cycle Forum is attended by senior members of HDCA, and by representatives of the two councils, HBC and NYCC.

The HDCA members on the Cycle Forum made a number of requests to the councils on 2nd May 2020. They ask for updates on ongoing projects, and make suggestions for giving more space for walking and cycling as we emerge from lockdown.

Request for updates on ongoing projects

These are the requests:

  1. Provide an update on the Otley Road Cycleway.
  2. What progress has been made on the Follifoot Underpass?
  3. Provide an update on s.106 developer funding of cycle routes connected to houses at Harlow Carr.
  4. What plans are being drawn up using Transforming Cities Fund money, and when will a timetable be published?
  5. Yorkshire Showground route improvements to be implemented as soon as contractors allowed on site.
  6. Update on schemes being drawn up, particularly on the A61 using money from the Dunlopillo development.
  7. What ‘quick win’ schemes are being drawn up and when will they be implemented?
  8. Progress in Ripon update.
  9. Please provide a timetable for the Cardale Park-Knaresborough cycle route.

Space for walking & cycling

These are the requests:

  1. Eliminate pavement parking, as it reduces pavement width and makes it harder to social distance. There should be strong messages from both councils.
  2. Cut back overgrown hedges which narrow pavement width (but only in September after the nesting season)
  3. As an example, close one side of James Street for parking. Evidence shows only 20% of shoppers arrive by car. This would make space for pedestrians to social distance. Deliveries before 10 and after 4.30.
  4. HBC to roll out hire of electric bikes and encourage greater use. Work with local suppliers (e.g. Cor Coach and North Yorkshire Electric Bikes (Knaresborough).
  5. HBC to encourage local deliveries by bike or electric bike.
  6. Renegotiate with all developers that cycle infrastructure is built at the start not the end of the development.
  7. Temporary measures to reduce speed limits, temporary cycle lanes and road closures especially around local schools, and discouraging 6th formers from using their cars and parents from delivering and collecting children by car.

HDCA has put together a more complete list of suggestions for active travel improvements in the District as lockdown is lifted.

Cycle Forum requests

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