Harrogate Electrics bus
Harrogate Electrics bus

Harrogate District Cycle Action is focused on cycling, but we recognise that it is only part of the solution to making transport more sustainable in the District.

We’re not against private cars, but we believe they shouldn’t dominate public spaces in densely-populated towns. They cause danger, noise and pollution. This makes walking and crossing the road less pleasant, discourages people from spending time out on the streets where they live and getting to know their neighbours, and puts people off cycling because they see it as too dangerous. It means many parents are reluctant to let their children cycle to school.

As well as better cycle facilities, we’d like to see:

  • more walking, and more priority for people on foot, including pedestrian lights that change to green promptly; currently the default is to give priority to a large number of vehicles before the lights change
  • 20mph zones in residential areas and near schools, with the limit enforced
  • car-free streets outside schools at the start and end of the school day
  • bus travel made more attractive
  • measures to make walking, cycling, and public transport the natural choices for people going into the town centre; this could mean more pedestrianisation, re-purposing some street parking as cycle lanes or public spaces, and filtered permeability on some streets

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