Parsons Intake, Harrogate
Parsons Intake

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Routes in St Georges ward

Cycle routes in this ward include:

  • Otley Road (important for Harrogate Grammar School)
  • West End Avenue
  • Arthurs Avenue (also key for HGS)
  • Pannal Ash Road & Richmond Avenue (Rosset Acre Primary School & Rossett School)
  • (in conjunction with Pannal ward) Green Lane
  • the paths between Green Lane & Rossett Drive, and by Rossett Nature Reserve
  • Rossett Drive & Parsons Intake
  • (in conjunction with Oatlands ward) Leadhall Lane
  • Harrogate Cricket Club
  • St George’s Road, and the A61 roundabout at the bottom of St George’s Road

4 thoughts on “St Georges

  • February 24, 2020 at 8:29 am

    Arthur’s Avenue is currently heavily used by school run traffic and has school cars parked most of the length of the road. Most of this traffic is likely to be local and so would be good to target to encourage alternative modes of transport. Without school traffic (i.e. between school run times and during school holidays) the road is very quiet and so installing cycle infrastructure may not be required if people can be encouraged away from their cars. A scheme that has worked very successfully elsewhere is to prohibit motor traffic on school roads during school run times (except buses?) so the roads are safe spaces for pedestrians and cyclists. Arthur’s Avenue sounds like an ideal candidate to try this type of approach. Once Otley Road cycle route is completed, it would make end to end safe cycling routes to the Grammar School viable for a significant number of people if this final section was made safe.

  • February 25, 2020 at 3:46 pm

    I agree. The Every Child Matters organisation states that the school run accounts for 16 per cent of early morning traffic. I don’t know what the percentage is in Harrogate but I live by St Aidens and there is a lot of traffic and a lot of cars parked on nearby pavements during the school day. By adopting the type of scheme suggested by John, we can reduce air pollution, encourage better outcomes for physical and mental fitness, and address the ‘Being Healthy’ and ‘Staying Safe’ outcomes for children under Every Child Matters (ECM).*

  • February 26, 2020 at 7:45 pm

    Footpath at end of Norfolk Road which links to Leadhall Drive:
    Remove No Cycling Sign.
    Widen footpath at both sides to create better shared use space.
    Benefits: creates quietway route through Norfolk Road to Leadhall Drive and on to St. George’s and Rossett path.
    Natural route from Tewit Well Road and there is a reservation to cross Leeds Road. Tewit Well links to Stray Rein Paths and to Hornbeam Park and Showground.

  • May 28, 2020 at 1:43 pm

    Comment by Yvonne D on our postcard page:

    West End Avenue – traffic coming at you and if on a bike, you’ve nowhere to go given the parked cars on either side of the street, appalling road surface, not safe for pedestrians to cross as they can’t be seen between the parked cars.

    Reduce parking, put in one way system, paint in a zebra crossing or two; resurface the whole road properly.

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