HDCA postcard
HDCA postcard

If you’d like to answer the questions on our postcard, please add a reply below. (You’ll need to be a supporter, and logged in).

The questions are:

  1. What routes are most important to you to be able to cycle locally?
  2. What are the barriers or issues to cycling these routes?
  3. What ideas or suggestions do you have for solutions?
  4. Any other comments to improve cycling locally?

Please make comments about specfic routes in particular wards on the relevant ward page, which you can find under Harrogate Areas or Knaresborough Areas.

If you have more general comments on barriers, solutions, and improvements, they can go on this page.

One thought on “Postcard

  • 26 May 2020 at 2:05 pm

    1. Queen’s Road. 2. Pot holes, disintegrating speed bumps, more surface, used as a rat run for car drivers & delivery trucks to turn left from Cold Bath Rd to Otley Rd to avoid the traffic lights on Cold Bath Road; it’s also used as a car park as there are no parking restrictions. 3. Impose 20mph speed limit, establish parking restrictions for non-residents, renew the surface properly.

    1. West End Avenue. 2. Traffic coming at you and if on a bike, you’ve nowhere to go given parked cars on either side of the street, appalling road surface, not safe for pedestrians to cross as they can’t be seen between the parked cars. 3. Reduce parking, put in one way system, paint in a zébra crossing or two; resurface the whole road properly

    4. More cycling only lanes with good signage of a décent width, 20 mph speed limit throughout town in residential areas, more cycling parking with sufficient space between bars for a bike and a person to get in and lock/unlock (have you tried the ones at Waitrose ?)

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