Cycling on Otley Road, Harrogate

When we asked for support for the Otley Road cycleway, the response was terrific. We received more messages than we had hoped or expected, and people were passionate and eloquent.

Here are some of the things they said.

“As a cyclist, driver and pedestrian, I strongly support the building of the cycleway.” GM

“I think it a great idea.” DP

“I support this, and any other plans which will make cycling more possible for me and many others.” IS

“I want to lend my support in favour of the proposed cycleway.    We have to get on and start creating facilities for a changing society. It seems strange that we should show off Harrogate as a lovely place for cycling with only a couple of cycle paths to our name;  we should be aiming for several routes fanning out from the town, each taking residents into the  adjacent countryside.

Another change which is well on the way is the advance of the e-bike.  From recent experience, these machines have almost eclipsed the use of conventional cycles in Europe (80+% observed in Germany) and bring the relevance of additional cycleways to a much wider audience.

In summary, I suggest this is a well thought out proposal for a safe cycle path, giving many folk an alternative to car travel for short local journeys and I hope it wil proceed as planned.” S&AA

“I thoroughly support the new cycleway. Otley Road at present is quite dangerous for cyclists.” HJ

“I have occasionally ridden my bike along the part of Otley Road concerned, and it is very intimidating to ride on the road.

We have do everything we can to get people out of cars and on to bikes for as many (not all, of course) journeys as practicable.” CS

“Please, please accept my support of the Otley Road Cycleway…it is a vital link to help keep cyclists, children and adults alike, safe on their routes to work or school or on their leisure rides in and out of Harrogate. I know of too many cycling accidents, some very serious, on this stretch of road and consider a designated cyclepath  to be essential.” HR

“I am writing in support of the Otley Road cycleway proposal.  I generally support schemes which reduce the number of cars on the roads and increase walking, cycling and public transport.  This is better for health of individuals and the environment; increasing exercise, reducing air pollution and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

It would be great if the cycleway could be extended with routes ultimately linking across the region.  Where footpaths are too narrow, I would support reducing the width of the road and creating more one-way systems.” RM

“As a lifelong cycle commuter, Harrogate Resident until very recent with family living on Beckwith Road….I wholly support this project. I went to school at the Grammar School on Otley Road and so wished such a facility had existed back then.” SS

“I wish to express my support for the Otley Road cycleway. We should definitely be encouraging cycling in our town and this route will benefit students at Harrogate Grammar school and people visting Harlow Carr. People working at Cardale park and local residents.” RC

“I think the Otley Road Cycleway is an excellent idea. Provision for safe cycling in Harrogate at the moment is poor so this is a massive leap forward and hopefully the first of many steps to increase cycling in our town.

I am a reluctant cyclist as I find I’m  too frightened to cycle on many of the roads in Harrogate. I would like to cycle much more than I do but many roads are frighteningly narrow and cars go very fast and very close.  Apparently in the country as a whole 62% of respondents thought it was too dangerous to cycle on the road.

The recent consultation about the proposed relief road showed that it would give no relief and that we should concentrate on making cycling and walking safer and more attractive as well as providing improved public transport. This needs to be the start of many new cycle paths.” GC

“I live at the top of Harlow Hill and would love to be able to safely
cycle down into town or Cold Bath Road without having to take to the
pavement. I have been knocked into by cars passing so close they have
hit me with their wing mirrors. It would be wonderful to be able to
encourage young people from the local secondary schools to cycle to
school but in all honesty how can we ask them to do something that
adults feel is too dangerous?

Otley Road has always been too narrow and busy for cyclists struggling
at their own pace up the hill and a cycle way would at least mean that
the slow cyclists are safe and not causing a traffic jam.” RW

“I have just returned from a weekend stopover in Cheltenham & have to report what a delight access to the town centre was by bike. I felt it a must to immediately endorse my utmost support for the Otley Road Cycleway. This & many more sustainable transport initiatives I believe are not only desirable but essential.
It is difficult to find any negative at all to such schemes but very easy to list positives of reduced traffic congestion, safe cycle access for residents to & from town & particularly for pupils to & from local schools, health & well being to name but a few.
I hope we can soon be looking forward completion of this scheme & many others.” AS

“I would like to register my support for the proposal to construct the above cycleway on the Otley Road, which will benefit a large number of people in the town, contribute to road safety and envoronmental pollution targets as well as helping to promote a healthy lifestyle for all of us.” K&AP

“Thank you for your through the letterbox leaflet.

I cycle a large section of the Otley road on a regular basis. A proper
dedicated cycle way will encourage others to do so, good for health,
good for the environment, good for car drivers as less cars on the road.
We must build more cycleways, it’s (along with good public transport)
the only sensible way forward. Keep up the good work.” GF

“I am writing to express my support of the proposed cycleway by NYCC.

Presently I am unable to cycle to school – I wouldn’t even dare, considering how dangerous for cyclists the road is at the moment.

I believe that the cycleway, although unsightly for some, will pave the way for a zero carbon Harrogate in the near future.

As well as reducing pollution if more people choose to commute vie bicycle, it should also increase the wellness of its users (which in turn may reduce NHS use, especially as there will be less pollution).

In short I think the relatively small sacrifice for some will benefit so many in the future and also make cyclists safer on their daily commutes.” AJ

“As a regular user of Otley Road I would be delighted if the cycle path could be built, as although I am a reasonably competent cyclist I still get problems with cars along the section from Arthurs Avenue to Beech Grove. This would make my commute safer and the ride back which I deviate round the cricket ground would be shorter as I would no longer have to avoid this section.

Whilst this element of the cycleway wouldn’t fully link in with other parts, we have to start somewhere. my next wish would be a route from the south west to the main station entrance without having to go down west park stray in the outside lane.” TE

“I would like to see the Otley Road Cycleway being built. 

The Cycleway will benefit pupils and staff cycling to Harrogate Grammar and other major schools on the western side of Harrogate, commuters to work especially at Cardale Park on Harlow Hill and residents in and around Harrogate who want to be able to cycle safely from their homes.

The Otley Road Cycleway is an essential step towards a planned Harrogate-Knaresborough cycle superhighway and the first class cycle network in the Harrogate District.

This is really important for the future of Harrogate.” MP

“Living just off Cold Bath Road with a young family, this new piece of
infrastructure will make a real difference to getting my kids around
Harrogate safely and quickly without using our car; currently they are
too scared to venture on to our local roads because of motorists
behaviour.” DrEM

“I am wholly in agreement with the need for the proposed Otley Road Cycleway – and am very pleased that funding has been gained though NYCC to develop this.

Cycling in Harrogate is currently not safe enough for the majority of adults or young people to see it as a healthy, cheap and low carbon alternative to the personal motor car. We know how much damage pollution from cars is doing to our health through reducing air quality, and how much damage greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles is doing to our planet.

If suitable facilities for sustainable active travel (such as this Otley Road Cycleway) are available to residents, commuters and school pupils, it will be an excellent first step towards the safe cycle network which our district needs – and will encourage people to ride their bikes instead of driving.Many thanks to NYCC and HDCA for the work you are doing to support this.” KH

“I have heard of plans for a cycle route along Otley Road in Harrogate. As someone who regularly uses my bike instead of the car, I think this is an excellent idea.  I also encourage my daughter to use her bike and this would allow children of all ages to use their bikes safely.” JS

“I’m emailing to declare my support for the proposed Otley Road Cycleway. I live in Harrogate and I am an active cyclist, both as a means of transport and for exercise.

The proposed cycleway will have a significant benefit for me and I would make extensive use of it. I currently avoid using the Otley Road because I feel it is not safe to do so with the current traffic and lane layouts. I also believe that the cycleway would be a valuable asset in promoting the use of bike based commuting for those that live along the Otley Road to use, as well as those who work in the numerous business in Pannal Ash and for RHS Harlow Carr.” VG

“I am in support of the cycleway and in my eyes it is an imperative improvement to be able to get more people cycling to work in Harrogate and ease the traffic congestion.

I have friends who work near Harlow Carr and are strong and confident cyclists, yet wont cycle to work up Otley Road because of being passed so closely by other road users, making them feel unsafe. The planned cycleway would drastically improve the situation, making it safer for all to get around Harrogate.” LP

“I am in favour of the Otley Road cycleway.” JE

“As a parent living in Harrogate I believe that more safe cycle paths would add to the quality of life of children and young people. My son enjoys cycling, though the recreational paths that are not shared with cars are limited to a short route around Hornbeam wood, or the excellent path to Ripley or Starbeck. Having more options would mean that he and his friends would cycle more often, and build up confidence and fitness.

The Otley Road Cycleway would be an important development towards making fitness and enjoying the outdoors more accessible to children and people of all ages. Thank you for giving it your support.” JL

“I’d like to express my complete support for the proposed Otley Road cycleway. This is exactly the kind of initiative that Harrogate needs. We’re in a unique position to put in place long term infrastructure that will benefit residents and visitors to the town for generations.” PG

“I am emailing to confirm that I fully support the proposed plan to create a Cycleway up Otley road. As a former resident of both Otley road and Cold Bath Road, I’ve cycled up and down the road many times in my lifetime. This is a must, to help Harrogate achieve the kind of cycle network that it must have, to help alleviate the terrible traffic situation in the town.

If there’s any way of extending this Cycleway all the way out to Beckwithshaw, I’d fully support this, as the road from Cardale park to Beckwithshaw is very narrow. There’s a wide verge with a very narrow footpath… I always cycle along this, even though it’s a footpath, both for my own safety and the consideration of motor vehicle users. Could this be turned into a cyclepath?” AA

“As the Chairman and Founder of Harrogate’s Cappuccino Cycling Club, I feel that Harrogate needs more cycling infrastructure to truly reflect the legacy of the Tour de France, Tour de Yorkshire and last weeks incredible UCI World Championships.

On top of this, we as individuals have to reflect on how we make local journeys and use more sustainable methods of transport as climate change becomes an ever increasing reality.

I am a father of two children, and at present, there is no way I would let my children cycle around Harrogate without being accompanied by me, and my wife certainly wouldn’t as none of them feel safe to ride their bikes on our roads. Up to date, Harrogate District Council’s support of proper segregated cycle paths has been very limited and the scheme up the Otley Road, should be the start of a commitment to improve cycling infrastructure throughout the town to encourage people out of the cars and on to bikes.

I look forward to seeing the new cycleway progress along with others in the future.” JL

“I am writing to support the Otley Road Cycleway.” JK

“As a active and keen cyclist I support the proposed Otley Road Cycleway. The more cycle paths we have to cycle on away from main roads, gives cyclists protection from car drivers who disregard the safety of all road and path users. Most large SUV’s do not give cyclists enough clearance and therefore we need in Harrogate more traffic free cycleways.” E&PF

“I am writing to give my support to the creation of an Otley Road Cycle Path. I believe that the creation of such a path will be of net benefit to the town.” T&KL

“I would like to register my support for the Otley Road cycle way. I think it will provide a safe cycling route for many adults and children alike. A reduction in car usage on Otley Road would benefit every one and improve air quality for pedestrians.” SC

“This has to be a priority. We have some of the finest cycling in North Yorkshire on our doorstep and anything to improve local movement of cyclists off the main roads has to a plus.” DR

“I fully support the proposed cycleway, I am a member of Wheel Easy.” RM

“I wish to register my whole hearted support for the Otley Road Cycleway in Harrogate.

I am aware of a campaign against the cycleway, but surely, any objections should have been raised during the consultation in autumn 2018. The recent congestion study has highlighted the need for reduced car dependency in Harrogate, and for better provision for cycling and walking.

This Cycleway is exactly what is needed in that area, providing a much needed safe route, and giving individuals the choice to leave their car at home.” CS

“As keen cyclists living in Beckwithshaw we welcome an Otley Road Cycle Way to enable us to get safely into the town centre by bike.” P&SD

“I am writing to offer my support for the proposed Cycleway on Otley Road, Harrogate. Although I live near Skipton, I regularly cycle from central Harrogate out towards Beckwithshaw. Otley roa is not only busy but relatively narrow for such an important route and I am concerned by the proximity of the traffic when using the route. I am very used to cycling on roads – for children, teenagers and less experienced cyclists  the experience must be truly terrifying.” RE

“I fully support the proposed cycleway from Beech Grove to Harlow Moor road I believe that this will make cycling more attractive for students at Rossett and Harrogate Grammar Schools as well as for employees at Harlow Business Park. In addition residents along the Otley road and adjacent developments will have a safe cycle route into town.” JE

“I am writing to support the proposed development of the Otley Road

I think that this will add significantly to the cycling infrastructure in
and around Harrogate. As a keen cyclist I am very grateful for the
existing cycle paths and I feel much safer using those than the roads.
Further extending them I am sure will encourage more people onto their
bikes and out of their cars.” PH

“Just a short note of support for the proposed cycleway noted above. I’m a resident of Harrogate and enjoy using the existing cycleways within the area. I wholeheartedly support this initiative from a personal enjoyment, environmental and transport/logistical perspective.” JS

“I live on Plantation Road at the top of Otley Road. I am a cyclist but rarely use my bike into town as Otley Road is unsafe for cyclists and is nearly always congested. I, along with many other people I know, would leave the car at home and cycle if there was a cycle path along Otley Road.” NB

“I am a regular cycler, here in Harrogate/Pannal and also in Leeds, York and sometimes London. I struggle to encourage my wife and children to come out on the bike with me to go shopping, to the swimming pool, to Harlow Carr because the roads are “so dangerous”.

This cycle path, though not ideal for us, is an important commitment in the right direction. I have seen in York and London what good cycling facilities does, and how they allow people to move freely and cheaply around towns and cities. Leeds is trying, but still unfortunately puts cars first and has failed to really big improvements.  I want to see councils be really bold and take on the challenge of making Harrogate for people and not for cars, a nice place to be and live.

I would have the proposed cycle paths better and bolder, but as I know we need to take one step at a time I fully support the current proposals – so long as they are executed properly and not watered down at the difficult junctions.” JW

“I wish to show my support for the Otley Road Cycleway. I have lived in Harrogate for over twenty years and took up cycling about ten years ago and always cycle or walk into town when practical. I am convinced that my health has improved and my carbon footprint reduced because of this change in my behaviour.  I use the existing cycle paths whenever possible as these are safer than our very busy roads. However, there are not enough of them or, they are simply narrow lines on busy roads which many motorists ignore. Many of my friends would like to cycle but say it is too dangerous to do so.

Otley road is very busy and traffic will increase with the new housing developments. It is a road that serves commuters, schoolchildren, families, care homes and a hospital. I think the plan for the cycleway, separated from the road, is wonderful. It will create a safe environment and will inevitably encourage young and old alike to leave the car at home. I believe we have to think about the long term development of our town from an environmental and health perspective and this pathway is a major step in that direction.” MW

“We are in support of this Cycleway and appreciated your informative leaflet.” VC

“I’m writing to give my support to the Otley Road cyclepath.  Cycling in Harrogate is dangerous and intimidating for many people, but a lot of people would get on their bikes if they felt safer. 

Congestion is a big problem in Harrogate and a lot of journeys are only 1 mile or less, so cycling would be a good alternative, especially for children going to and from school.
If we are ever to reduce congestion, we have to get people out of their cars, and this is the way to do it for a lot of people.” MS

“We are writing to give our strong support for the proposed Otley Road Cycleway. We urgently need to reduce short car journeys and encourage people to think of cycling as safe for them, their children and grandchildren. The proposed cycleway achieves this for journeys down the Otley Road. Harrogate Borough Council and NYCC say they are committed to sustainable transport initiatives in Harrogate. Please do not delay this, which will benefit the many, for spurious objections.” D&PR

“If we are to reduce traffic congestion in Harrogate, more people must be encouraged to cycle and walk. England will never become less wedded to the car unless more cycle paths are built and people use them.” J&JD

Leeds-Bradford cycle superhighway
Leeds-Bradford cycle superhighway

“I am really excited about the plans to build the Otley Road Cycleway. Provision for safe cycling in Harrogate at the moment is poor so this is a massive leap forward and hopefully the first of many steps to increase cycling in our town.

The recent consultation about the proposed relief road showed that it would give no relief and that we should concentrate on making cycling and walking safer and more attractive as well as providing improved public transport. We cannot afford to fall at the first hurdle, i.e by not building this cycle path. This needs to be the start of many.

Please be a pioneer for sustainable transport instead of timidly lagging behind and build this wonderful cycle lane. If we could get a lot more kids cycling safely to school then we could cut down the school drop off and pick up traffic jams.” BP

“As a resident of Harrogate I wish to express my strong support for the Harrogate Otley Road cycleway.  I think this scheme will help to provide a safe cycling route to Harrogate Grammar school and will make it safer for cycle commuters to reach the Cardale park employment area as well as Harlow Carr Gardens.

If we as a society are going to achieve the very demanding challenge of becoming carbon neutral we will need a massive increase in cycling it will only happen if we has schemes like this one.  The roads as currently laid out in this town are just not safe enough to encourage children and adults to cycle to school or work.

I do hope this wonderful scheme will go ahead.” DA

Harlow Carr
Harlow Carr…not easy to get to by bike

“I understand there has been some opposition to the Otley Road Cycleway from local residents. I’d therefore like to add my support for the scheme.

As we face significant changes to our way of life caused by anthropogenic global warming, the construction of cycle paths is an essential way forwards to get people out of their cars and onto bikes. Research shows that the main impediment to people using their bikes more is the fear of cycling on roads shared with fast-moving cars. The construction of the cycleway is therefore an important part of the solution to this issue. In addition, the development of Cardale Park means more workers traveling up Otley Road and the consequent increase in CO2 levels, should they use cars. Bikes are a far better option. Finally, cycle usage has been predicted to improve health, reduce cardiovascular events and reduce the likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes.” AD

“I would like to support the construction of this cycleway.

The Cycleway will provide a safe means of pupils and staff cycling to Harrogate Grammar and other major schools on the western side of Harrogate, commuters to work especially at Cardale Park on Harlow Hill and residents in and around Otley Road who want to be able to cycle safely from their homes. 

The provision of more cycleways in the area will benefit the whole area as a means of getting more and more people to abandon their cars in favour of cycling.

Health and fitness of residents will be greatly improved when they become cyclists, no matter how short the journey.” JB

Car-free bridge, Utrecht
Car-free bridge, Utrecht

“I wish to register my support for the building of the proposed Otley Road cycleway.  I am especially concerned to counter some negative views about the proposal which seems to have resulted from a certain amount of misinformation. 

I am pleased that the cycleway is  mostly segregated and that shared use is limited.  I am pleased that only two trees will be lost, which although regrettable, needs to be put in context on two fronts.  Firstly the greatly increased safety for cyclists is likely to result in increased cycling with its attendant health and environmental benefits. Secondly the cycleway is likely to achieve more than a junction alteration on the Otley Road which is all about improving flow of motor traffic and which will result in the loss of ten trees. 

I note that there have been objections due to driveways and side roads leading onto the Otley Road causing complications. I feel these objections are spurious as any mode of transport, be it by foot, bike or car, has to contend with side roads and driveways; it seems odd to consider cycling to be a special case in this regard. 

Overall, we are crying out for safe cycle routes as safety and/or perceived safety is repeatedly cited as the greatest barrier to people choosing to cycle or allowing ther children to cycle.  Overcoming these barriers will improve the physical and mental health of those to choose to cycle and the resultant decrease in traffic will improve the physical and mental health of all and also help with the vital task of reducing our carbon emissions.” RB

“There is strong evidence that a large majority of residents in Harrogate want improved cycle facilities. In the recent consultation on congestion in Harrogate, 77% of 15,000 respondents wanted improved cycling and walking infrastructure (NYCC, 23 August 2019). MP Andrew Jones also conducted a recent retail survey (August, 2019) where 75% of respondents felt cycling facilities in Harrogate were poor with the implication that they should be improved.

Nationally there are many organisations calling for improve cycle facilities. Not only from cycling organisations like Cycling UK and British Cycling, but also from health organisations including The Royal Society for Public Health and the BMA which see the detrimental impact of our car use for short journeys on health.

 I do believe networks of segregated cycle lanes and quiet back streets, have the potential significantly reduce congestion and pollution. Especially so in Harrogate where most car journeys are local (<2 miles).” AM

Birmingham Blue Cycle Route
Birmingham Blue Cycle Route looks after people on bikes all the way

“I would like to write IN SUPPORT of the creation of the Otley Road Cycleway, as it will protect those using bikes on this extremely busy road.” RE

“I hope it is a success and that we will eventually have cycle routes like this along all of Harrogate’s main thoroughfares.” TE

“I wish to register my very strong support for the proposed cycleway alongside Otley Road. This is an essential section of the cycling network in Harrogate and will ensure a safe cycling environment along that road for both commuters and leisure cyclists, which currently is quite dangerous with the volume of traffic using it and the general width of the road. Environmental concerns are top of the agenda at the moment and any measure to increase safety and encourage people out of their cars to either walk or cycle are to be welcomed. Coming on the back of the explosion in cycling  following the Grand Depart, the Tour de Yorkshire and now the UCI World Championships I think it is essential for projects like this to be taken forward.” JG

“I live at the top of Otley road and currently find the road and traffic unsafe for cyclists, I have two children who struggle to use their bikes on Otley road because of how busy and close the cars get. I fully support a cycleway being put onto Otley Road.” AB

“My wife and I are at a loss to understand why their should be any opposition to this project. It is patently obvious that a lot of effort has been made to plan for a safe and convenient bike route.

Cycle routes in an old town like Harrogate will inevitably mean driveway entrances and side streets have to be crossed and that is accepted as a necessary and normal arrangement in towns and cities, nationally and internationally. Whilst some people might regard this as an imperfect solution it has to be recognised that it is better for both cyclist and car-owners to have a dedicated cycleway.

Additionally, this cycleway will contribute to the provision of attractive alternatives to car-usage for short, local journeys and will be particularly useful for children cycling to school.

As far as the Stray is concerned we think that there will be a negligible negative impact.

All in all we believe that this project should be implemented as soon as possible.” B&SA

“I would like to voice my support for the proposed cycle route on Otley Road.
Sustainable transport is the best solution for traffic congestion, particularly in Harrogate where half the peak time traffic is within the urban area, travelling short distances.

This scheme is a good example of positive, cost effective action towards sustainable travel promised by both North Yorkshire Council and Harrogate Borough Council. It is great to see the sustainable transport policies being put into action.

Having connected, protected cycle routes is essential to encourage cyclists who are fearful of car dominated roads. The Otley Road scheme is particularly good because of the location near two secondary schools. This proximity to schools will help encourage a new generation of sustainable travellers.” A&DG

“I am writing to express my strongest possible support for the planned cycle route along Otley Road in Harrogate.

As a keen cyclist and Harrogate resident, I know all too well the difficulties and dangers that cyclists face in our town. In a year when it feels as if the climate crisis we face is finally receiving some of the attention it so desperately needs, and we are recognising the need to reduce motor vehicle traffic as part of a drive to reach a zero carbon future, we urgently need to encourage residents onto their bikes, and the only way to do that is by provision of safe, segregated cycle routes.

I can understand that residents may be concerned that some sections are ‘shared use’ with pedestrians, but such schemes work extremely well all over the country and the world. I also understand that side roads and driveways are a concern, but this simply needs to be managed – with care and considerate use by all road users. If we do not allow cycle routes where driveways are present, then we are essentially saying that segregated cycleways can never be built in urban environments. This simply cannot be the case. The benefits to residents health and wellbeing, and the dramatic improvements possible in our local environment by reducing motor traffic (and the noise/pollution/danger it brings) are too important.

Now is the time for bold leadership by the county council!” NR

“This is needed to promote an increase in cycling by keeping cyclists safe, also hopefully by reducing the amount of traffic thus helping the environment, and by improving the health of the community by offering more opportunity to breathe clean air as well as all the benefits of exercise in a safer environment.” JT

“I am writing to express my support for the proposed cycle track along Otley Rd.

I work at Cardale Park and commute by bicycle all year round. At the moment I’m doing an extra mile each way through the back streets to avoid main roads – Otley Rd in particular. There are a lot of people commuting to Cardale Park and it’s currently difficult both by bike and public transport.

The proposed cycleway looks to me to be well designed and would certainly be useful and well used.” PR

“I went to Harrogate Grammar School for 7 years, the last 3 of which I spent cycling to school daily. Cycling is a fantastic way to get around but cycling provision in Harrogate has a long way to go, and I am particularly aware
of how busy traffic is a danger to cyclists and how this might put off
many people – especially parents of schoolchildren – from cycling and
allowing their children to cycle. Arthur’s Avenue – off Otley Road – is
extremely busy at the beginning and end of school every day and while the presence of school buses is unavoidable, I found the sheer number of
cars dropping off children to be a greater problem. A cycleway on Otley Road is an important start to encouraging more people to cycle to school, in turn reducing the traffic around Arthur’s Avenue and making the area safer for all the children going in and out of school at those times.” LC

“I would like to register my support for the proposed cycle way from beech grove to Harlow Moor rd.

I am a Harrogate resident and have been for nearly 20 years. In this time I have observed an increase in car traffic and I believe that this has a negative impact on the quality of life in the town. I believe that the creation of an improved cycle and pedestrian infrastructure in Harrogate would help to reduce the need for many short car journeys by improving perceived safety of walking and cycling options. This would in turn reduce the need for town centre parking and reduce traffic queues as the town’s population continues to grow.

We are a two car household with two adults and two children and we are certainly not anti-car but we would all like to see the environmental and health benefits of reduced car use, especially for journeys of under two miles. We all ride bikes and walk into town from our house. The proposed scheme would enhance our experience of living in Harrogate and improve our ability to use the stray in a way that would benefit us.” DE

“I am writing in support of the Otley Road Cycleway proposal for Harrogate as  I believe that it is essential that we improve cycling infrastructure in and around Harrogate to make it easier and safer for people to cycle to work and school for the following reasons.

Cycling is a cheap and active way to travel bringing many health benefits

It is critical that we reduce the amount of travel by private vehicles in Harrogate in order to reduce CO2 and other toxic emissions. Increasing cycling is a way to do this.

Surveys consistently show that many people will not cycle to work or school if they feel that it is unsafe, building better cycleways, segregated from traffic, is a way to may cycling safer.” IH

“Hello, I would just like to voice my support for the Otley road cycleway. 
This is a brilliant idea, and it is long overdue that we are making these changes to allow safe cycling in this area of Harrogate and others.

Without making changes such as this cycleway, we will never be able to grow cycling in Harrogate, and reduce reliance on people commuting by car.” PT 

“I would like to make known my support for the planned cycle path from Harlow Hill to Beech Grove. I regularly cycle myself and know how tricky it can be to navigate the traffic on Otley Road.

As a resident of Queens Road, just off Otley Road, and mother of three children, 2 of which regularly cycle to after school and weekend clubs, I am keen for the cycle pathway to go ahead. I am in support of all cycle pathways around Harrogate and especially the one planned for Otley Road.” JS

“I would like to add my name to the list of people SUPPORTING the Otley Road cycleway.” DrSC

“I completely support the idea of the Otley Road cycle path. I would like to commute to cardale park more frequently by bike and would welcome being able to do so more conveniently. Please let this become a reality.” TF

“I am 100% fully supportive of the proposed cycleway, I cycle to work at the hospital every day and am continually getting close passed by cars, or shouted at when riding respectfully along the joint pedestrian/cycle route that is currently on the stray by people misinformed or ignorant to the fact it is a combined route.

I was knocked off my bike 6 months ago riding along Otley Road and the car didn’t even stop, there needs to be something that will not only encourage more cyclist but also keep them safe from preventable harm.” PP

“As a cyclist I ride 3-4 times a week for leisure but this is from my doorstep out into the Dales or the Moors. However, I don’t often use my bike to commute the few short miles into Harrogate town centre due to the extremely heavy traffic (with close passes and aggressive/often dangerous driving directed at me all the time).

I also have 2 step children who have recently learnt to ride. The Greenway cycle path is fantastic for them and they love it. However, there is no way I can ride with them into Harrogate for a hot chocolate or go to the park – especially with the stupid addition of ‘no cycling’ markings on the Stray (whoever decided that is stupid as the Stray was the only safe place for children to ride a bike in Harrogate).

If Harrogate was to become like York, where cycle paths and bike parking are all over the city, we would reduce the traffic problem we’re all currently fighting with in Harrogate, increase the number of people commuting to work and encourage more families to ride bikes at the weekend.

Our planet is suffering and we must all do something to reduce global warming. If Harrogate Council can manage to make cycling safe for all residents it would be doing its bit to save the planet.” VT 

“This is to show my support for such a path. It would be great for school children, commuters, residents, tourists and pleasure. It would show Harrogate is commited to green transport and cycling after hosting so many cycle events. It would be a big positive move for Harrogate.” GB

“I live at the top of Otley Road and fully support the cycleway.

I am a utility cyclist.  I have  flat bar bike and a rack for shopping. I often need to cycle to the Station to commute, especially since parking near to the stations is virtually impossible after 8am.

Riding up Otley Road in traffic is not practical at the moment. There are way too many cars during peak periods and it is impossible to pass them safely. Currently, the only option during rush hours going uphill is on the pavement, especially when close to the Grammar School. This is not ideal for anyone.

With the new house building that is taking place the situation is only going to get worse. Whilst I recognise that a dedicated cycle path will impact the look and feel of a classic Harrogate road, unfortunately this is a necessary consequence of expanding the housing stock. We need sustainable, multi-modal transport to accommodate cycles and e-bikes that are going to be crucial to residents in the future.” DA

“I know there has been some criticism of this project, and I would like to explain why I feel this is  a very important project for Harrogate.

The Western World and in particular the UK are facing an important obesity crisis, partly due to a lack of physical exercise. As a result we are seeing increasing numbers of patients suffering from a wide variety of diseases, from metabolic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular problems such as strokes and heart attacks, but also different types of cancers. The government has recognised this problem and is making attempts to reverse this trend. And the British Medical Association encourages doctors to discuss the importance of physical activity with all their patients.

Cycling is a very good way of being physically active, and countries with a much higher percentage of the population cycling regularly such as Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium have much lower rates of obesity.

Secondly, climate change is now recognised as a reality by scientists, and limiting the CO2 production requires the efforts of all of us. Transport is one of the main contributors to CO2 production in the UK, and most journeys are made for short distances. Here is an opportunity to switch from car journeys to walking or cycling, but in order for this to be taken up by citizens, the right cyclepath infrastructure has to be available.

Thirdly, Harrogate does have a significant problem with traffic congestion, main roads such as Leeds Road or Knaresborough Road see heavy and slow moving traffic most of the day. This situation will only be worsened by the multiple housing developments in and all around Harrogate, which will add a considerable number of cars to our street. Any attempt to offload individual car traffic should therefore be welcomed.

I would therefore urge to go ahead with this project of a cycle way on Otley Road and hopefully many more in the future in the name of our health, our climate and the quality of life in Harrogate.” DrRS

“Otley Road is one of the primary arterial routes in Harrogate, leading from the town centre past several large schools and residential districts to Cardale Park and RHS Harlow Carr.

The road is currently heavily congested at peak times with very slow moving or stationary traffic and has no room for cyclists to ride alongside. Outside of peak times the traffic is fast moving and has many heavy goods vehicles making it an intimidating environment for cycling.  With the planned ‘improvements’ to the Harlow Moor Road junction and the continuing expansion of the Harrogate Spring Water factory, the volume of HGVs using Otley Road will only increase. 

Luckily the pavements and verges are wide giving a great opportunity to create a single carriageway cycle route along each side of this busy corridor that will benefit a large number of people from secondary school age upwards.  The route will join up with quiet roads into the town (Beech Grove/Stray paths) and also quiet roads / paths south east to several other large schools and a large population of residential housing.  This enables true end to end cycle journeys in a safe environment for a significant number of people for the first time in Harrogate.” JR

“I’m writing to express my support for the proposed cycleway from Beech Grove to Harlow Moor Road.

The benefits of cycling, (rather than driving), are obvious – it helps to keep you fit, (which indirectly benefits our overstretched NHS resources), it reduces air pollution and is better for the environment, it’s much cheaper than running a powered vehicle and it reduces congestion on the roads, so that those who NEED to drive can do so more easily. It has been determined that most of the cars on our local roads are only travelling 2 or 3 miles – a distance that many people would be able to cycle with relative ease and which is often quicker by bike than sitting in a traffic jam – but the potential hazards of cycling in traffic are a major deterrent.  If we really want to encourage people to get on their bikes, we need to help them to feel safe on the roads, and the installation of proper* cycleways are an easy (and relatively low cost) way to address the problem. 

(*Painting a white line on a road which is already wide enough to accommodate it, but which stops when it doesn’t fit easily and which doesn’t connect up with other cycle routes anyway is NOT helpful!)

It seems to me that the cycleway for Otley Road has been well considered, and whilst I’m not in favour of cutting down trees without good reason, the potential benefits of having fewer cars on the road are more significant than the consequences of losing a couple of trees.  The funding is in place and the proposal has already addressed the issues raised in the earlier stages of planning – please, let’s just get on with it!” HR

“I am dismayed to learn that there have been objections to this plan.

The proposal for a cycleway is eminently sensible as it will facilitate cyclists and pedestrians getting across town and enable more students to cycle safely to school.

Every cyclist reduces by one, the number of cars on the road and, given the town’s traffic congestion problem, can only be a good thing. Cycling and walking instead of driving will also improve the health of the population and reduce the load on the NHS.” IN

“Thank you so much for your initiative and you great work involved in the Otley Road Cycleway.

I work at Covance, together with 1500+ of my colleagues. I love the idea of the cycleway because the current connection from the town centre to work is terrible.

I used to live in Cambridge and London, where I cycled every day. Since I moved to Leeds to work in Harrogate, I stopped cycling for my commute because I don’t feel safe. I could easily combine a train journey with cycling and be as fast as taking the car, however, I drive to work every day because of 2 reasons. First, using a bicycle along Otley road or anywhere in Harrogate is unsafe. Secondly, the bus connection between town centre and the train station is shambolic. There are 4 buses, but they leave at the same time and chase each other along the route (6 and 6X). This means that there is only 1 bus every 30 minutes.

Please make the cycleway happening! It’s a superb idea and will allow me to rely less on my car. Overall, it will benefit much more people than are currently complaining about the impact.” JS

“I am writing to offer my support for the proposed Cycleway on Otley Road, Harrogate.

As a keen cyclist I often use the Otley Road to get to and from work at Cardale Park and to access businesses on Harlow Hill. I am often scared by the proximity of the traffic when using the route and I am very used to cycling on roads – for children, teenagers and less experienced cyclists  the experience must be truly terrifying.

Building the cycleway should not only improve safety of the existing commuters, but also encourage others to leave their cars at home – there are currently 4000 people working at Cardale Park so if even 5% of those cycled to work it would have a big impact on the traffic at busy times and make the area safer and less polluted for all.” SC

“Please add my name to the list of supporters for the proposed Otley Rd cycle scheme. Harrogate (and the planet) needs to develop a cycle infrastructure to promote safer cycling for all. I’m sure that this scheme with its emphasis on consulting all stakeholders (now there’s an up-to-date word), will enhance our local cycling experience and serve as a spring board for further developments.” PB

“I am writing to offer my support for the proposed Cycleway on Otley Road, Harrogate.  

As a keen environmentalist, chair of the Harrogate branch of the United Nations Association (UNA) and member of Zero Carbon Harrogate, I am keen to move our town closer to zero carbon and more cycling will make a huge contribution in this respect.  I also try and cycle as often as I can and try and encourage others.  However, I know than many people are discouraged for safety reasons.  More cycle ways will make a huge difference.” CW

“I would like to support the proposal for a cycleway in Harrogate from Beech Grove to Harlow Moor. From a health and environmental perspective, more cycleways are essential.” PS

“We are a family of bike-lovers who live in Harrogate and we wholeheartedly endorse the proposal to put a cycle path along Otley Road.  Our children (and we) often resort to using the pavements to cycle that way because the Otley road is simply too busy and narrow for cyclists to feel safe. We love the idea that this new cycle path will connect with Knaresborough too as we live on that route near the Empress Roundabout.

I sincerely hope the various voices that oppose this planned cycle path can be helped to see what a benefit this will bring to our town and our children’s future.  All our behaviours and patterns of transport need to change if we are to prevent the climate crisis and it is so encouraging to know Harrogate is acting positively on this issue.” F&MB

“Simply put, we need to stop letting the great be the enemy of the good, stop prevaricating, trying to please everyone  and get the Otley Road Cycleway started; any further delay will just fuel rumours of bad behaviour.

It is needed, it would be great if it was really cycle friendly, fine if there is a share of stop / start inconvenience (imagine the outrage if we asked a driver to get out of his car before crossing a cycle lane) but almost anything would be an improvement over today.” AS

“I would like to register my support for an off road cycle way from Harrogate to Otley.

I live in Boroughbridge where we have no cycleways and we take our lives in our hands on the fast narrow roads from here to Knaresborough.

My family in law live in Otley and if I could Ebike to see them it would save yet another car clogging the roads through Harrogate to get there. At the moment travel to Otley can ONLY be done by car because the public transport to Knaresborough from Boroughbridge is a joke, so an Ebike alternative would be very welcome.” JH

“A cycleway on Otley Road is a great idea. Feel free to send this to the Council in support.

They should also consider cycle highways on Knaresborough Road; Leeds Road; Skipton Road; and Ripon Road. Just think: we’d be able to cycle anywhere in Harrogate and, if they build them like the cycle highways in London, shouldn’t risk getting hit by a car!” CP

“As a regular cyclist, I give my full support to the Otley Road Cycleway in Harrogate as an essential part of the modern cycling infrastructure for the town.” PB

“I am writing to offer my support for the proposed Cycleway on Otley Road, Harrogate. I am a keen cyclist I often use the Otley Road to get to and from work at Cardale Park and to access businesses on Harlow Hill.

I am often astounded by the proximity of the traffic when using the route and I am very used to cycling on roads but I have to say, I fear it more and more as drivers are often just unaware of cyclists. 

If we want a healthier nation for our children, teenagers to cycle, we need to have safer routes  as the experience must be truly terrifying.” AL

“I fully support the proposed Otley Road Cycleway.

The primary task is to reduce air pollution.

Sustainable transport must be encouraged: walking, cycling and public transport.

The Otley Road is an important link to Cardale Park and the Town centre on the west of Harrogate. While not perfect, this cycleway should be closer to modern standards for safe, convenient infrastructure than almost anything else in Harrogate to date.

I can understand other points of view; but I would expect objective and honest arguments to be put not obfuscation.

Unless we create safe, attractive alternatives to car travel, new housing developments mean that the volume of traffic, and the pollution that comes with it, can only increase.

I fully support North Yorkshire County Council in their aim for better cycle infra structure in the Borough.” RG

“Thank you for the flyer that came through our door inviting support for a Cycleway up Otley Road. We are pleased to give that support. We live just off Arthurs Avenue and so do have a vested interest in such a development. We would hope that this would be further step in this area to provide cyclists greater safety oon the roads and also to encourage more people to use this bikes instead of a car.” SG

“We would like to give our support for the proposed Otley Road Cycleway. It is very important for the safety of students, school staff & others who enjoy cycling. It may also encourage people to cycle into town & work.” BJ

“I’m writing to support the proposed cycle way along Otley Road. 

When I responded to the N Yorks question as to whether Harrogate was congested and warranted a bypass it was say that Harrogate should make a bolder step to encourage walking, cycling and public transport. Infrastructure like that proposed on Otley Road need to happen to demonstrate that there are working alternatives available now. I hope this project is just the start.” QH

“We would like to voice our support for the Otley Road Cycleway.

I cycle on the road daily and my partner, Clair, weekly. It’s absolute chaos and I feel unsafe cycling on the road in its current format with vehicles getting far too close before and whilst overtaking.

The Cycleway would be a huge improvement and can’t come soon enough.” G&CH

“Zero Carbon Harrogate are fully in support of the Otley Road Cycle Path to be developed by North Yorkshire County Council. It is an important step towards an integrated cycle network across the town that would enable people of all ages to make shorter journeys safely by bike rather than by car and therefore cut their carbon emissions and improve their own health.

We have assessed the carbon emissions stored in the three trees to be felled to make way for the cycle path in the original proposal. They store 4.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, slightly less CO2 than emitted from one return flight to Hong Kong. The same CO2 would be saved if just 12 of the roughly 4000 children who attend schools near Otley Road switched to cycling a 15 minute, 2 mile journey to school every day, rather than being driven. By contrast ten trees will be felled for motorised vehicle traffic junction improvement on the Otley Road/Harlow Moor Road junction.” Zero Carbon Harrogate

“I am emailing in support of the Otley Road cycle way. Which is even more necessary with all the new houses being built and increased traffic.” RJ

” I am writing to express my wholehearted support for the proposed Otley Road cycleway. 

As someone who undertakes almost all my local journeys by bicycle, I feel that there is enormous scope for improving cycling provision in Harrogate, and I believe that the implementation of the Otley Road scheme will make cycling an appealing and realistic alternative to driving for many more local people.  An increase in cycling and a corresponding reduction in the number of cars on the road can only make a positive contribution to our local environment. ” RC

“Can I express my view that the benefits to accrue from the proposed cycleway far outweigh any of the short term impacts which the objectors raise?

With the increase in housing and business developments which are already occuring further out on Otley Road, a development to minimise the inevitable creased motor traffic is needed NOW.

The already massive use and approval for the Ripley Greenway could easily be eclipsed by a successful segregated cycle route on Otley Road, which is closer to a larger number of people, with many journeys made much simpler and safer by use of all or parts of this scheme.

Please add my voice to support for this scheme.” PL

“I would like to register my support for the Otley Rd cycleway.” RDL

“As members of Wheel Easy cycle club, we would like to give our support to the proposed cycle way. This will improve safety for every cyclist who uses that road.” P&BJ

“I am sending this email to express my wholehearted support for the proposal to build Cycleway facilities on Otley Road Harrogate. This facility is badly needed and will promote sustainable transport on a route that is heavily overloaded with vehicle traffic. The current situation is horribly unpleasant and quite hazardous for cyclists.

Any small loss of poor quality Stray Land can be amply compensated by better recreational quality land at other locations more useful to the community.” MW

“I wish to register my support for  this cycle way.” JP

“It would be brilliant if one of the lasting legacies of UCI was a cycle plan that worked well for cyclists and pedestrians. 

My son goes to St Aidan’s,  he is keen to cycle to school but we are all nervous of Otley Road at rush hour. We would love a cycleway solution that kept pavement safe for pedestrians,  created suitable safe cycle routes for all ages and perhaps encouraged drivers to think twice about short journeys by car.” BA

“I am e mailing in support of the proposed cycleway. I sincerely hope that it goes ahead as it will make a huge difference to those wishing to use transport alternative to cars getting to schools and businesses in that part of Harrogate. Segregating traffic is the only way to improve routes for all types of traffic. Too many people are afraid to ride bicycles due to traffic, the different needs of motorists and cyclists are impossible to meet without segregated routes and therefore long term change in behaviour will not be obtained and pollution reduction and improved health gains will not be made.

It is my belief that an important opportunity was missed when the Leeds Road was updated without any significant support for cycle traffic. I hope that this will not be repeated.” CB

“I fully support the Otley Road Cycleway. At the moment I feel its too dangerous for my children to ride their bikes which is such a shame. Many other children and parents feel this way too and it would be great if they could ride to schools and clubs, im sure it would cut down on the congestion on Harrogate’s roads. If York can do it so can we!

I know lots of people who would use their bikes more if the roads were safer and we had more cycle ways. There are other benefits too for health and the environment. Just yesterday I had a ride on my father in law’s electric bike which was great! Such a fab way for him to still exercise in his 70s.” CH

“Please may I voice my support for the creation of a cycleway on Otley Road in Harrogate.” CW

“I am writing in support of the proposed Otley Road Cycleway. In these days of increased awareness of the damage we are inflicting on our health, and the health of our planet, by our overuse of air polluting engines, I would have thought any development which encourages people to cycle rather than drive would be greeted with open arms. At the same time cyclists need to have safe routes to school, work or just for healthy recreation.

There has been a considerable increase in people cycling in recent times which in turn will have a positive effect on the health of the nation. I have frequently used the cycleway from Ripley to Harrogate and have seen the huge benefit it gives to the hundreds of people that use it. I hope the Otley Road Cycleway will prove as popular.” JM

“I am writing to register my support for the proposed Cycleway to be constructed on Otley Road, Harrogate.
It is essential to our town that any opportunity to encourage safe cycling is embraced. Transport must be rebalanced in Harrogate away from the motor vehicles.

I see no serious problem with how the plan is to be implemented. It is an area I use as a motorist, pedestrian and a cyclist and feel it will create an overall benefit to the area. The Stray grass total area will be preserved and only 2 mature trees will require removal according to my understanding of the proposal.” NS

“A quick note to say that I am in favour of this cycleway.” MS

“This is to add another voice of support for the Otley Road cycleway.” BB

“I wish to express my unqualified support for the proposed Otley Road Cycleway.

We need to get more people out of their cars and onto bicycles to address the climate change emergency we are facing and also to improve the quality of air and health in Harrogate. People will not cycle if they feel it is unsafe and we need to implement as many cycleways as possible – at the moment Harrogate is a very unsafe place for cyclists. Cyclists and pedestrians should take priority over cars in towns. There will always be minor issues but these must be overcome or no progress will be made.” CW

“I would simply like to express my support of the proposed Otley Road Cycleway which is due to be built. It would greatly help my son who lives off Otley Road and who would love to cycle to school at St Aidan’s, but I currently won’t allow him to as I don’t believe it is safe to do so. The cycleway would benefit kids like him and others who live in the Harlow Hill area to get to school safely.” HA

“I would like to write in support of the proposed Otley Road Cycleway. I enjoy cycling with my family, but find family-friendly routes few and far between. I would cycle far more if dedicated cycle routes were available. I think that the huge success of the Beryl Burton cycleway shows the appetite for safe cycling in Harrogate and welcome any plans to extend the cycling network in the area.” JK

“I am writing to express my support for the proposed Otley Road Cycleway.

Government reports show that the majority of people who don’t cycle
consider riding on roads with other traffic to be too dangerous. All
evidence shows that where good segregated cycling infrastructure is
implemented the use of bicycles goes up considerably, reducing the
amount of motorised traffic, with all the benefits that brings for
everyone, as well as the health benefits it brings to those who cycle
regularly.” IB

“I wish to voice my support for the Otley Road cycleway. As a resident of Harlow Hill this will greatly improve my family’s cycle access to town and Harrogate Grammar School. Although I do cycle myself, at the moment neither my wife nor my children feel safe enough to cycle to school (Harrogate Grammar) or town, and this will likely make a big difference. Thanks.” RP

“Please continue with plans to improve and extend the cycleway from Beech Gr to Otley Rd.” TB

“I fully support the proposed cycleway between Beech Grove and Harlow Moor Road and feel it is the way forward to encourage more people to use alternatives to the car in safety.

I urge you to move forward with the project.” MP

“I am writing to offer my support to the proposed cycle way on Otley Road, Harrogate.  

The road is plenty wide enough to allow to allow for the inclusion of cycling infrastructure without slowing down traffic, and the fact that there is a large school adjacent to Otley Road means that cycling provision is extremely important, as it will improve road safety for pupils cycling to the school.  

Examples in other towns and cities (e.g. London, Manchester) have shown that the provision of cycling infrastructure increase the number of journeys made by bicycle, and reduces car use and pollution.

Evidence shows the adverse effect that traffic pollution has on the health of the population, and the provision of this cycle way will help improve air quality in the area, with a subsequent benefit to people in the area.” MG

“I support a cycleway and would like more information as the plans progress.” SH

“I hear there has been some people opposing the construction of a new cycle route down otley road in Harrogate. As some one who regularly drives and rides my bike on that road on my ways to work I can only see a cycle way being a good thing as I’ve had nearly been knocked of my bike too many times to count by impatient drivers and anything that will make it safer and maybe more appealing to the local school kids to ride there bikes to school then it’s got to be a good thing.” LS

“I was absolutely thrilled to hear about this proposal. Harrogate needs to do so much more to become a bike-friendlier town, and this is a great step in the right direction. Providing safe cycle paths for residents is environmentally the right thing to do, but it is also beneficial on so many other levels. Well done for championing this development!” CC

“I write in support of all, any, every possible cycling provision in Harrogate.

Thank you. Harrogate Cyclist. Not a fast one. Just one who goes about on her bicycle, doing the right thing.” RK

“I am writing in support of the planned cycleway on Otley Road. I live just off the road on Pannal Ash Grove and regularly cycle into town for work and shopping as well as to use the train station. Having a safe route would make a massive difference to the journey and encourage me to use my car less for trips into town.” BH

“This sounds like a fantastic idea. Surely it will reduce traffic, help the local population get fitter, keep cyclists safer, reduce pollution, help save the planet & reduce pollution related ailments. What’s not to like?!” SH

“I want to express my positive thoughts about this proposed cycle route. I don’t drive and would love to cycle safely along the Otley road especially to get safely to Harlow Carr gardens, instead of diverting up to Pannal Ash and Beckwith crescent, to get to Harlow Hill. The sooner the better please.” JB

“We’d love to be able to get [our kids] on their bikes more to give them freedom and stop us making multiple short trips with 3 cars! (Including nanny). I’m absolutely in favor of the cycleway.     

Harrogate needs to improve the safety provisions for cyclists as vulnerable road users. We need more people on bikes and especially kids to improve health (reduce burden on NHS) and at the same time, reduce traffic congestion.

It’s currently too dangerous on the roads in Harrogate for kids. These improvements will gradually enable us to send / and take our kids to school on their bikes.” MN

“I am Harrogate resident and I support the proposed Otley road cycle path.

Anything that encourages sustainable travel and allows people (especially children) to travel around the area safely on bikes has to be supported. We are all aware of examples of advanced cycle infrastructure in the cities and towns of our European neighbours and we can see how this contributes to the health and well being of populations and counters some of the damaging effects of fossil fueled transport.

Any forward thinking transport infrastucture development these days has to incorporate sustainable solutions for all our benefits.” AC

“I am writing this email in support of the proposed Otley Road Cycleway.
I am convinced that this scheme and indeed others in the future are key to achieving the carbon neutral objective for Harrogate, in addition to reducing congestion, providing a safe route for people using cycles for commuting and leisure.

The current road is extremely intimidating to many current and would be cyclists and feel confident that a cycleway along this road would be very beneficial in increasing cycle use and cutting the amount of car traffic along this very busy artery.  I for one would replace our family trips to Harlow Carr, currently done in a car with cycling, in addition to my work commute to clients at Cardale.

It is my hope that should this scheme become reality it will inform on future for safe cycle corridors in and around the town, providing people with a safe and realistic alternative to using the car.  I would be particularly interested in the solution at the Stray end of this proposed route and I feel that the Stray has huge potential in providing logical, direct and safe passage for cyclists entering and circumnavigating the town. 
As more housing is added to the top end of this road, the current situation of congestion and the potential of accidents is only going to increase as I am sure you are acutely aware of.” JK

“This confirms my support for the new Otley Road cycle way.

The Cycleway will benefit pupils and staff cycling to Harrogate Grammar and other major schools on the western side of Harrogate, commuters to work on Harlow Hill and residents in and around Otley Road who want to be able to cycle safely from their homes.
The Otley Road Cycleway is an essential step towards a planned Harrogate-Knaresborough cycle superhighway and a first class cycle network in the Harrogate District.” MH

“Please note my support for the proposed cycleway as it should lead to safer  journeys for the grammar school and reduce congestion.” AA

“I am writing to offer my support for the proposed Cycleway on Otley Road, Harrogate.

I am not a Harrogate resident, but I work at Cardale Park and travel in by road, I have several colleagues who do travel by bike. Building the Otley Road cycleway can only be a good thing to encourage children, teenagers and less experienced cyclists to cycle. Building the cycleway should not only improve safety of the existing commuters, but also encourage others to leave their cars at home – there are currently 4000 people working at Cardale Park so if even 5% of those cycled to work it would have a big impact on the traffic at busy times and make the area safer and less polluted for all.

I cannot see any reason for locals to object to something which improves safety for school children, families, commuters and the local residents. I hope that it can go ahead quickly so that all our journeys become safer.” RS-H

“As a pedestrian, cyclist and car driver resident in the Harrogate area, I strongly support the development of the Otley Road Cycle Way. The health and safety of our children and grandchildren will benefit from this development and it will be a credit to Harrogate.” JL

“I wish to express my total support for this project. Private Car traffic cannot continue to grow at its present rate it is unsustainable. Changes will have to be made in our thinking and culture relative to private cars either voluntary or in the not to distant future compulsory.

I and my family have been resident on Harlow Hill for 52 years. Our children when small could cross Otley Road to the playing fields and the Pine Woods in safety. Today my wife and myself have difficulty in crossing Otley Road to get to the bus stop because of the volume of traffic and its high speed, 30mph nearly always exceeded (20 is plenty).

This project should encourage people to cycle and reduce their reliance on their cars. I am over eighty years old and cycle regularly.” DP

“My partner and I do not own a car as we are trying to do our bit to help prevent the climate crisis and to make our town a nicer place to live. We are always thrilled to hear of improvement and new cycle infrastructure,  especially near schools as this will help young people develop the skills and experience needed for lifelong cycling.” SW

“I’m  a member of 2 cycle clubs  in Harrogate and District Wetherby. When cycling towards the west it is difficult for find a route that is not congested with traffic. The otley road would provide a very useful solution and not only make roads safer but more accessible to all.” TD

“I hereby offer my total support for the Harrogate Otley Road Cycleway.” MW

“As a Harrogate resident, and mother of two school age children, I’m writing to express my support for the Otley Road cycleway.

One of the best ways we can achieve a zero carbon Harrogate target is to find ways to reduce the number of short car journeys. I have an 11 year old son, who I am very proud of for cycling 1.5 miles from home to school everyday – when most of his friends go by car. Some of their parents say they would like to allow their child to cycle to school, but cycling on Harrogate roads doesn’t feel safe. If this cycleway goes ahead it will present a great opportunity to get lots more children cycling to school – and drastically cut down on school run traffic on our roads.” LK

“I wish to register my support for the Otley Road Cycleway. This is the for following reasons:
climate change, less polution, healthier lifestyle, congestion, cycling infrastructure;
and many more reasons!” YS

“I am a keen cyclist and very supportive of the Otley Road Cycleway.  As having been a keen cyclist to go to school, as well as work, I realise how important it is to have easy access safe cycle routes to encourage more people to cycle and to reduce the amount of unnecessary car traffic on the roads.

I have worked in The Netherlands where they continually invest in cycle infrastructure and it means that they have significant numbers of people who cycle instead of using cars. I also have family in Denmark which similarly invests in cycle infrastructure with more people cycling than using cars in all their main towns and cities.

It is important that those on the cycle ways do not feel like ‘second class’ road users.  So I do implore that the design ensures that those on the cycle ways are given clear right of way, in the same manner of Otley road being the main carriageway, to those roads joining onto the road.  This way cyclists will have more confidence and for their safety.” MD

“I would like to express my support for the proposals for the Otley Road cycleway. 
If this Cycleway goes ahead:

• It will benefit all residents around Otley Road who want to cycle safely from their homes

• Staff and pupils pupils cycling to schools that side of Harrogate

• People at Cardale Park who want to commute to work by cycling

The benefits of cycling are proven to be better for individuals health and the environment and any sustainable transport is important in our current efforts to positively help climate change.” MW

It has been so encouraging to read all these mails. A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to send us a message of support.

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