Yorkshire Showground Greenway, Harrogate
Yorkshire Showground Greenway

This page is for ideas about the Hookstone ward. Comments are open to supporters who are logged in. Find Harrogate Hookstone on the map of Harrogate District wards.

Key cycle routes in Hookstone ward include:

  • Hookstone Drive, Hookstone Chase, & Forest Moor Road
  • most of the Yorkshire Showground Greenway
  • the continuation of the Showground Greenway through Stonefall Park to Plompton Park
  • NCN route 67 from the Yorkshire Showground to Crimple Lane & Rudding Lane (towards Follifoot, Spofforth, & the Harland Way

King of the road, but not of the junction

Sainsburys Junction, Wetherby Road, Harrogate
Sainsburys Junction, Wetherby Road, Harrogate

One of our supporters has written an excellent blog post about the difficulties of negotiating the Sainsbury’s junction on Wetherby Road on a bike, and why provision should be made for bikes here.

Read the post, and if you’d like to write your own post about a cycling issue in Harrogate District, get in touch.

2 thoughts on “Hookstone

  • May 22, 2020 at 3:16 pm


    My big issue is the link between Stonefall Park and Railway Road, which crossed Wetherby Road at the Sainsbury’s entrance.

    There’s a few reasons for this:
    a) there’s no designated crossing point at the traffic lights to stop traffic and you kind of have to know how the traffic flow works there to understand it (you have to know the car traffic lights and the ordering);

    b) you have to navigate the incoming and outgoing traffic for the recycling centre, and there’s no cycle path available for you to do that and a couple of blind corners for cars – it’s a busy junction on a weekend with cars queued too;

    c) when you’re approaching the Wetherby Road junction along Railway Road, you have to cross both lanes of traffic, including the oncoming traffic, in order to safely cross the junction, or dismount onto the pedestrian path at the junction itself where there is no room to do so (which is dangerous and creates a hazard).

    Improvements required!

    I’d be happy to write this one up with a few photos for a full article on the issue if that would help. Let me know.

    Chris P.

  • May 24, 2020 at 1:28 pm

    There’s a good cycle route through Stonefall Park/Panhandle Park, but when it reaches Hookstone Chase it gives up and abandons people on bikes.

    The route should continue into Plumpton Park shopping area. It should be safe and convenient.

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