Cycle route ends sign, Beckwith Head Road
Sign on Beckwith Head Road

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Routes in Harlow ward

Cycle routes in Harlow ward include:

  • (part of) Otley Road
  • Beckwith Head Road
  • Crag Lane
  • the Pinewoods
  • Beckwith Road
  • Harlow Moor Road

One thought on “Harlow

  • 30 May 2020 at 2:11 pm

    Finish the Otley Road cycleway as soon as possible & extend it to Beckwithshaw.

    Start again on Beckwith Head Road – shared use pavement giving way to all side roads is not good enough quality cycle infra.

    Crag Lane – give some space to walking and cycling so people can visit Harlow Carr without taking the car. Stop building more car parks and add more bike racks.

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