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Patrick Rowley

To whom it concernsI have grave concerns regarding Becch Grove.Car drivers who used to use Beech Grove to get to Otley road are now traveling down Beech Grove due to the cycle route restriction.At this end of Beech Grove cyclists can go straight on using a pelican light system but drivers must turn left. I use this junction daily as a cyclist and have had several very nasty incidents where drivers have gone round the curbs at the end of Beech Grove so they too can go straight onto Victoria Ave and come close to knocking me off my bike.Unfortunately for cyclists the ‘pelican straight on’ section puts cyclists at the centre of the road so that when drivers decide to ignore the law and go straight on they end up crossing the cyclist’s path of travel.I therefore have taken upon myself to film these drivers. I have done 9 sessions of around 1/2 hour to 1 hour and have recorded 72 incidents which translate to about 1 offence every 5 minutesI have reported these offenses to the police and have incident numbers for all these offencesThe attached spread sheet gives you the details of these offenses.A police officerTS 1527 Ian McKenzieTraffic SergeantNorth Yorkshire PoliceRoad Policing GroupTadcasterLS24 9JR has contacted me and implied that they are having difficulty processing these incidents due to the volume and advised that TC Hutchings from the Road Safety team will contact me shortly

Finally as a very keen cyclist both for work and pleasure I applaud any action that improves cyclists safety but unfortunately in its present form Beech Grove has proved to make my cycling more dangerousI look forward to your responseKind regardspatrick rowley