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I didn’t see this before, so I’m only replying now.

I don’t agree that our objective should be to appease “anti-cycling drivers”. That will get us nowhere. There is majority support for better cycle infrastructure in Harrogate.

I use Beech Grove regularly by bike and on foot. It was through traffic that caused the danger there before, and it is much safer and more pleasant now.

Through traffic should stay on main roads; residential streets shouldn’t be part of the network for through traffic. If there are queues at the top of Station Parade meaning a journey takes a few seconds longer, it’s not a disaster. It might even encourage some people to go by bike instead – especially if there are safe routes.

HDCA Supporters support the creation of a safe cycle network in Harrogate. It’s fine to disagree about exactly how it should be done, but it’s not the right forum for people who are hostile to the basic idea of a cycle network.