If and when the Otley Road Cycleway is built, it makes sense to link it to the town centre. At the moment, Beech Grove is the obvious route, but it doesn’t feel safe.

What do you think is the best solution? There are four options in this poll, with a few words about each below.


Segregated cycleway on Beech Grove

Remove the car parking from Beech Grove, and create a two-way bike lane with physical protection from the traffic.

Roads should really let people travel in safety, whatever mode of transport they choose; and parking is not in short supply in Harrogate.

Filtered permeability

Filtered permeability, Rossett Drive
Filtered permeability, Rossett Drive

An alternative would be to introduce filtered permeability on Beech Grove – so it can’t be used by through traffic.

This should be combined with a 20mph limit and physical traffic-calming measures, so it becomes safe and pleasant for walking and cycling.

Path across West Park Stray

No cycling, West Park Stray
No cycling, West Park Stray

Another option would be to put a cycle path across West Park Stray.

We know from recent polls that people say being allowed to cycle through parks is one thing that would encourage them to use their bikes more. The Dutch don’t have shared use paths – they put in separate paths, and Britain should follow their successful model.

West Park

A final option would be to create a safe cycle route on West Park.

There are two lanes for cars, plus parking on both sides of the road for cars. Bikes aren’t provided for, and few people are brave enough to ride here.

There could be a cycle lane either side of West Park, instead of the parking; it could be part of a Leeds Road cycle route, ultimately linking Pannal with the town centre.

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