Active Travel Fund schemes, Harrogate
Active Travel Fund schemes, Harrogate

North Yorkshire County Council has now confirmed which schemes will be delivered under the Active Travel Fund (ATF), previously called the Emergency Active Travel Fund. As I reported on 13th November, NYCC was awarded just over £1 million.

The three Harrogate schemes were funded, plus Guisborough Road, Whitby.

The grant awarded to us by the DfT comes with strict conditions. The schemes need to be delivered quickly, should reallocate road space from vehicles in favour of cyclists and pedestrians, and offer alternatives to existing well-used bus routes.

Councillor don mackenzie

The next step is consultation, beginning early in 2021. These are the plans for consultation, and this is the consultation timetable.

ATF Consultation timetable
ATF Consultation timetable (click to enlarge)

North Yorkshire’s article says then ‘a decision will be made on which of the schemes can be taken forward within the available budget and timescales’.

ATF Schemes Funded

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