Prince of Wales roundabout, Harrogate
Zebra crossings needed? Prince of Wales roundabout, Harrogate

North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) are asking for active travel suggestions from residents of the county. Ideas have to be submitted by the end of this week (Friday 24th July 2020).

Start at NYCC’s Social distancing and active travel page, and click Make a suggestion. A new ‘before you start’ page opens. Click continue.

Now you’re presented with a map. It’s centred on Northallerton but you can move to your area. You can then click on the exact location where you’d like to see an active travel improvement. The boxes to complete are:

  • additional location details
  • whether your suggestion relates to cycling, walking, or both
  • describe your suggestion

You can only submit one suggestion at a time, but after making one you can start the process again for a new suggestion if you wish.

Active travel suggestions to NYCC

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