County Hall, Northallerton
County Hall, Northallerton

North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) is bidding for active travel funds from the government.

There’s £266,000 in emergency funds for widened pavements and pop-up bike lanes, and such projects must be started within four weeks of funding.

Then there’s a later opportunity to bid for a further £1.1m.

Councillor Don Mackenzie is keen to stress how little can be done with these amounts of money. Nevertheless, we hope it will be used wisely, and meaningful changes will be made to our roads.

Tell NYCC your ideas

NYCC are inviting residents to make suggestions – although note that if you click on the ‘contact us’ link it takes you to NYCC’s standard contact pages not a specific platform, and it is a long and cumbersome process. It may be easier to email NYCC Highways Area 6 directly –

You should include your postal address in your email, to demonstrate that you’re a local resident.

There are more details of NYCC’s bid in this HedgehogCycling article.

Here are some suggestions made by one local resident.

I would like to offer some personal suggestions from my local area, which focus on low cost measures that could be implemented quickly (i.e. within 4 weeks):

1. A Toucan crossing across Wetherby Road at Slingsby Walk – Est. £25-30k
This is a key crossing point for walkers and cyclists. It forms a key link in three of the corridors identified in the Cycle and Walking Infrastructure Plan (Bilton-Hornbeam Park, Starbeck-Hornbeam Park, and Knaresborough to Harrogate). Wetherby Road is very busy and it is very difficult to cross here. The crossings to the north and south are too far from the desired crossing point to be useful.

2. Double-yellow lines on Oatlands Drive (south-bound). – Est £10k
This advisory cycle lane often has cars parked in it. As a key route to two major secondary schools, this is not acceptable and unsafe. Please add double yellow lines here as a minimum in the short term. Longer term segregated paths for cyclists should be provided on Oatlands Drive and Hookstone Drive.

3. A Toucan crossing across Oatlands Drive at Slingsby Walk. – Est. £25-30k
Although this is easier to cross than Wetherby Road, due to lower traffic volumes, pedestrians and cyclists should have right of way to cross here. This will also serve to slow traffic on Oatlands Drive.

4. Point closures to prevent through traffic – Est. £15k
Modal filters should be placed on Wheatlands Road East, St James’ Drive, St. Hilda’s Road to prevent through traffic and increase walking and cycling around St Aidan’s school. These could be temporary (using heavy planters) as a trial, and made permanent if successful. The government guidance suggests that point closures are likely to make the biggest impact on cycling and walking.

5. Modal filter on Beech Grove at Wentworth Court – Est. £10k.
A modal filter to prevent through traffic should be placed on Beech Grove to encourage cycling on this key route into Harrogate town centre (again this could be temporary in the first instance). This is will also aid local elderly residents crossing to enjoy The Stray and will not significantly impact access to properties (as local traffic will still be permitted).

Alex M
NYCC bid for active travel funds

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