Oatlands Drive is too narrow for a proper cycle lane but not too narrow to park your car!

After receiving so many responses to this picture, plus others on social media showing people parking in the cycle lane on Oatlands Drive, our members have written to the council and received the following response from Don MacKenzie at NYCC:

“The cycle lane on Oatlands Drive is advisory only and so no enforcement action can be taken. The width of Oatlands Drive means that a mandatory cycle lane cannot be introduced in this location”

Don Mackenzie, NYCC Cycling Champion

It seems crazy that the road is too narrow for a proper cycle lane (Absolute Minimum 1.5m wide) but not too narrow to allow roadside parking (approx car width 2m)!

A major concern with parking in cycle lanes is that cyclists have to move out of the cycle lane and into the flow of traffic which can be dangerous and unnerving for the less experienced cyclist. If the cyclist passes too close to the parked car then they also run the risk of having a car door open on to them (often referred to as ‘car dooring’).

For information an ‘advisory cycle lane’ is one with a dotted line, advisory refers to the car drivers who may or may not be required to treat it as a cycle lane. A ‘mandatory cycle lane’ has a solid white line and car drivers are not permitted to park in them. It is not mandatory for cyclists to use the cycle lanes.

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Parking In The Cycle Lane On Oatlands Drive
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One thought on “Parking In The Cycle Lane On Oatlands Drive

  • 27 May 2020 at 12:37 pm

    Double yellow lines, the same as on the other side of Oatlands Drive. Seems too obvious to need saying really. I’ll ask Don and NYCC and see what they say.

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